Posts From April 2011

OLPH – Toronto

April 19, 2011

Thank You to the students and parents who attended today.  I appreciate the kind words from parents, and wonderful feedback from the Principal!  I look forward to returning next year!

Brimwood Public School

April 13, 2011

Thank You Brimwood for allowing me to present to your students and parents.  The Parents feedback was very inspiring.  See you next year!

Hillcrest Public School

April 12

Thank You to the Students and Staff at Hillcrest Middle School.  Great attendance and lots of good questions.  I look forward to returning next year!

St Peter CES

April 6

Thank You to the Students and Parents for a great day.  The student presentation obviously had an impact based on the feedback from the parents who attended advising me of how their children modified settings as soon as they got home.  Looking forward to returning!

Our Lady Of Peace

April 5, 2011

Thank You to the Students and Parents at OLP.  The questions were great from both students and parents.  The parent handout should cover most of the tips/tricks that I spoke of tonight.

St Andrew CES

April 4, 2011

Evening: Thanks to the parents, parent council members, Trustees, Councilors, Principals, Executive Staff and all who made this night happen.  The feedback from everyone was incredible.  Thank You for letting me speak at St Andrew.

Today: Great questions from the Students.  Thanks St Andrew!

St Clare CES – Thank You

March 31, 2011

Students were very attentive, and well behaved.  Parents were awesome!  Considering I finished my presentation at 8:30pm – I did not end up leaving until 9:53pm.   Great Questions and Conversation from all!

A New Look For Us!

It was time for a new look – and thus was launched April 2, 2011.  We are work in progress until we update completely and add to our events, and references.

Same toll free number but new email address (our old one still works fine) – found in the Contact Us section