Posts From May 2011

St Veronica

May 19, 2011

Great students and great questions.  The feedback that parents provided me was outstanding (and very much appreciated).  Very well attended.  Highlight: when children go home and tell their parents to attend, it’s even more rewarding.  Thank You!

Sacred Heart – TCDSB

May 17, 2011

Sacred Heart had a unique way of opening the parents presentation – with a prayer and a song – it was very nice.  Thanks to the students and parents for a great day.

St Monica – TCDSB

May 16, 2011

Thank You St Monica!  The tables were turned today – the students had few questions, but the parents had lots of questions!  A great day!

St Padre Pio

May 12, 2011

Very attentive group of students.  Thank You to St Padre Pio for having me present to your parents and students today!

St Margaret Mary

May 11, 2011

Sorry we had to cut off the kids with all their questions – but it is encouraging to see the interest about being safe online!  Thank You to the parents – your feedback forms were awesome.

St Demetrius – TCDSB

May 10, 2011

WOW – The students were throwing a ton of questions my way today.  I loved the inquisitiveness from the group.  Small group of parents, but ones who really cared and asked great questions.  Looking forward to returning in a few weeks to hit the other group of children!

St Vincent dePaul

May 9, 2011

Thank You to the parents who attended this evening’s presentation.  To the father who approached me and said “I knew I wasn’t crazy” – tell your friends you know heard it first hand from someone in the industry!

St Jerome

May 18, 2011

Great to be back at St Jerome. The students had some “sharp” questions!  To the grade 8’s – take today’s information with you as you enter into high school… and be safe!

40,000 Students!

May 5, 2011

I enjoy marking milestones.  As of yesterday, we surpassed our 40k mark of students spoken to!  I think back as to why I started doing this two years ago… and to hit this mark is incredibly rewarding.  I am thankful for being given the opportunity.  Looking forward to the next 40k!


St Conrad – TCSDB

May 4, 2011

Thank You to the school and parents who help make today a successful one at St Conrad.  Great questions from the students, and awesome feedback from the parents.  I appreciate the opportunity.