Posts From October 2011

St Brigid CES

Oct 27, 2011

A great way to end the week.  Excellent students and lots of good questions.  The parents’ turnout was amazing!  Great job by the council members.  We did stay late – and thanks to everyone for hanging in – your feedback was tremendous!

St Patrick CES

Oct 26, 2011

Thank You St Patrick.  The children had great questions and feedback.  I appreciate the opportunity to speak to the students and teachers.

Father Henri Nouwen

Oct 25, 2011

Great afternoon with the children of FHN!  The evening parent presentation to FHN and St Anne was well attended and great feedback! Looking forward to returning next year.  Thank You for having me at your schools!

St Anne CES

Oct 25, 2011

Great group of students this morning at St Anne.  Looking forward to seeing the parents this evening.  I tell parents to be good listeners to their kids, and today – I took back two new sites to review and advise on – the kids were happy to help out.  Thanks You!

Private Function – A Sports Team!

Oct 24, 2011

I had the pleasure of speaking to a minor sports team with both the parents and players regarding social networking.  It was an eye opener for both, and a unique opportunity for dialogue between parents and children.  Thank You for the opportunity to speak

St John Chrysostom

Oct 20, 2011

A great day at St John Chrysostom in Newmarket!  When you have 10 Grade 7/8 students give up their recess to stay back and ask questions – it reaffirms that kids really do want to make a change about how they use technology safely…  they just need guidance!  Thanks for the parents who attended and their great feedback.

St Edward CES

Oct 19, 2011

My second time at St Edward.  Thanks for having me back! I appreciate the time parents invested this evening, and fighting the rain and wind to come out.

St Justin Martyr CES

Oct 18, 2011

Over 400 Students today!  And great questions!  Very good parent turnout this evening, and great feedback from your whole school community.  Thank You!

Corpus Christi CES

Oct 17, 2011

Each of the students sessions went to the very end with Q&A, and had to be cut off!  Lot’s of inquisitive minds… great day.  A fantastic turnout this evening by the parents.  Good engagement between parents on questions, and super feedback!  Thank You!

St Francis of Assisi

Oct 13, 2011

Great morning with the kids of both St Francis of Assisi and Immaculate Conception. Thank You to the parents for having me at the school and for your attendance tonight.