Posts From October 2011

St Catherine of Sienna

Oct 12, 2011

Thank You to the staff and students.  Great questions and nice to see the Grade 7s taking notes!  Looking forward to speaking to the parents in our January 2012 presentation.

Our Lady of Fatima

Oct 11, 2011

Fantastic day at OLF!  Lots of great questions from the kids, and a Very Engaged group of parents in the evening.  It was great to see teachers supporting the parents by attending this evening!  Your feedback was tremendous!

Monsignor Frasier

Oct 11, 2011

Thank You to the staff and students who attended our morning session.

Light Of Christ

Oct 5, 2011

Good day with the students, and a very engaged group of parents who attended the evening session.  Thank You for the wonderful feedback, and having me at your school!

St Emily

Oct 4, 2011

Very attentive group today at St Emily.  The students had great questions – as usual.  See you in November when we speak to your parents.

Definition of Rewarding

Oct 4, 2011

In my profession, being rewarded is relative to each day.  Yesterday, of the many one on one conversations I had, two clearly stuck out.  1) When a 19yr old university student returns back to her school to listen to the adult only presentation, and waits patiently (while parents speak with me) to tell me how much she appreciated what she learned, and how much of an impact it made – that is rewarding.  2) When a dad tells you how his son came home, and made some serious changes to his online profile and how he will act moving forward – that is rewarding.

Holy Cross Academy – Parents

Oct 3, 2011

An amazing turnout!  Thanks to the parent council for their efforts in promoting our event.  Thanks to St Peter’s Roman Catholic Church and Father Micheal (who also attended!) for communicating our event at Sunday Mass.  We went a little long, but the parents hung in there and had great questions, and your feedback is greatly appreciated!

Holy Cross Academy

Oct 3, 2011

Thanks to the students for attending this morning.  Looking forward to speaking to the parents this evening.  And Thanks to your school – we have eclipsed the 45,000 student mark!