Posts From December 2011

IONA Catholic Secondary

December 21, 2011

Excellent group of 9s & 10s this morning at IONA.  Lots of great questions from the students AND teachers.  Thank You for allowing me to present, and I look forward to returning!

St Gregory The Great CES

December 19, 2011

The fact that eight students gave up their recess to stay behind and ask endless questions – clearly shows they care about making the right choices online with respect to safety.  The second group had nine students ask questions during their lunch!  I am looking forward to returning in January to speak with the parents.

All Saints CES

December 15, 2011

Fantastic day at All Saints CES.  The students had endless questions, and the parent council did a great job in bringing a good audience this evening.  Thank You!

St Raphael of the archangels CES

December 15, 2011

Another great day today with the students at St Raphael!  You could hear a pin drop in the intermediates session.  One of the topics surely hit home.  Thank you to parent council for organizing the evening session for parents.

Father John Kelly CES

December 14, 2011

Two very attentive audiences today at FJK – the students had endless questions.  The parents were also very engaged with discussion.  Thank You to the two parents who acknowledged this was their third time attending my presentation… and continue to learn.  I appreciate the opportunity to speak at FJK!

St Maria Goretti CES

Dec 12, 2011

Great day at St Maria Goretti.  Well behaved group of students (and both assemblies were large crowds) with lots of questions from both groups.  I appreciate all the feedback from the parents tonight.  It was a well organized evening by the school’s CSAC group.  Thank You!

James Cardinal McGuigan

November 9, 2011

Thank You to the staff for spending the morning with me at JCM!  A VERY interactive group!  Thank You for all your tremendous feedback!

Newtonbrook Secondary

November 8, 2011

Thank you Newtonbrook for letting me with your students today.  I appreciate the opportunity to have returned for a second visit.

Recent Comments from Principals

December 6, 2011

“There is lots of buzz in the staffroom today from the teachers who heard your presentation in the gym yesterday and in the library last night. You’ve made a big impact.”   C. Allen, Principal – St Nicholas Catholic Elementary School

Paul Davis’ presentation to our students, staff and parents was thought provoking and increased our collective awareness of the need for adult guidance in keeping our children safe as they learn to use technology responsibly and ethically. Students as well as parents have already made changes!   D’Arcine Thompson, Principal,  Convent Glen Catholic School

As I said that night I know it had an impact on staff, students and parents after….  It was one of the presentations that they kept talking about even days after.  Your delivery was very strong and effective with our audience.  The teachers and parents were a part of the presentation which kept them involved.  I think your perspective as a Dad was also important for the parents to hear.  Overall, one of the best presentations on Online Safety that I have experienced.

C. Mondelli, Principal – Holy Rosary Catholic School

St Nicholas CES

December 5, 2011

A great day with St Nicholas and their great students.  Two very attentive groups with good questions!  A good turnout this evening, with a very engaged group of parents.  The questions and discussions after the presentation were excellent.  Thank You for your great feedback!