Posts From March 2012

Plowmans Park PS

March 29, 2012

Today was a first in educating an even younger audience that I was used to.  It went very well – and the feedback from the teachers and parents of those students was rewarding.  I was happy to make an impact on your school!

Anderdon PS

March 28, 2012

Getting to Anderdon was a bit of a challenge with my GPS – but I found it.  Your students were awesome!  Thank You to the parent council and their great job of getting parents out for my presentation.  We stayed late – and it was well worth it.  Thank You for your great feedback!  Hope to see you next year.

Jack Minor PS

March 27, 2012

Non-Stop questions from both groups today at Jack Minor.  i enjoyed walking the halls of the school afterwards and seeing the things that the students had learned just moments earlier. Thank You to the parents for attending this evening, and the good sense of humor between the police officer and his wife!

St John The Baptist CES, Belle River

March 26, 2012

Thank You for the warm welcome at St John The Baptist in Belle River.  Well behaved and attentive students – sorry we had to cut the Q&A in the fist session, but great questions.  Thank You to the parent council for arranging my presentations to both students and parents.

St Edmund, CES

March 22, 2012

Thank You to the staff and students at St Edmund CES for allowing me to speak this afternoon.  Great questions from both groups.  And great questions/participation from the parents (and young adults) this evening.

Holy Family CES

March 21, 2012

Great day at Holy Family.  Excellent questions from both groups today (it took a bit for the second group to kick into gear – but once the questions started, it was hard to stop them).  Thank You to the parents who attended this evenings presentation.  I appreciate your kind feedback.

Canadian Safe Schools Conference

March 20, 2012

Thank You to the attendees of the Canadian Safe School Conference in Edmonton, for all their amazing feedback.  I look forward to working with you in the future.

St Alphonsus CES, Edmonton

March 19, 2012

Excellent day at St Alphonsus.  Very attentive groups and great questions by both group of students today.  Even the teachers had some great questions!  Thank You to our first school in Alberta!

St Bonaventure CES

March 8, 2012

Great day with the students at St Bonaventure.  A timely session with the break forthcoming.  Looking forward to meeting your parents upon my return.

Prince Philip Elementary School

March 7, 2012

Fantastic day at Prince Philips!  Excellent attention and questions from the students in all three groups today.   This evening was well attended by the parents who also had tons of great questions.  Your feedback was very appreciated.  Thank you to the Principals and parents for having me at your school!