Posts From April 2012

St Mary CES – Nobleton

April 30, 2012

Excellent day at St Mary’s!   Students had really good questions and very in tune.  Parents – Your feedback was tremendous!  Wrapping up as late as we did shows some real parent involvement.

Principal Conference

April 26, 2012

It was great shaking hands with all those who have asked me to speak at their schools and have me returning at future dates.   Thank You to all.

Nellie McClung PS

April 25, 2012

A sign of a good session is when we run over out allotted time, and the kids are not in a rush to go anywhere!  Such was the case with the 7/8 group today.  The Q&A and subsequent conversations were excellent!  Great teacher involvement also.  Thank You to the parents this evening for their great feedback, and immediate request to have me return.  Looking forward to it.

Our Lady of Hope CES

April 24, 2012

Two groups – 425 students.  Excellent day at Our Lady of Hope today.  I found out from the Principal that the reason I returned so soon was “the grade 7 students from last year asked to have you back”.  That is very rewarding.  Thank You!  Awesome feedback from the parents this evening.  My first dinner invitation on record!

Corpus Christi CES

April 23, 2012

An encore presentation to the students and parents today.  Students were very attentive and did retain information from six months back – and still have good questions at the end.  Thank You to your amazing parent council who worked hard to get another good group of parents out to this event.  Your feedback was very much appreciated!

Alta Vista PS

April 19, 2012

Excellent job by parent council to execute today’s event at Alta Vista.  Your parents were great – and their feedback much appreciated.  When students stay through their lunch to continue to ask questions, it shows a sincere interest in wanting to make a change and understand about online security.  Thank You for a great day.

Fielding PS

April 18, 2012

Two great messages to the students at Fielding today.  We started early this evening so parents could get home for the “main event”, but I was happy to stay with those who had questions after our alloted time slot.  It was great to pick the brain of a security expert in attendance who validated and then taught me something new!

Avalon PS

April 17, 2012

Great day with the students at Avalon this morning.  I was overwhelmed by the feedback from the parents tonight!  Thank You!  When parents talk about how their child’s presentation was THE topic of conversation (and nothing else) at the dinner table – gives me a great sense of reward.  I also appreciated all the feedback left by the parent tonight.  I hope to return as per your request!

Fisher Park PS

April 16, 2012

Two very good assemblies at Fisher Park PS today.  Endless questions from both groups today. Thank You to the parents who attended this evening – all things considered with the “very important” event in town, I appreciate the time you invested for your child and family.