Posts From May 2012

St Veroncia, CES

May 10, 2012

Wonderful day at St Veronica CES today.  A special thanks to the kids who went home and told their parents of the importance of the evening presentation (and joined them!).  Thank You to the school council for having me back for a second time in two years for your students and parents.  Excellent feedback from the parents and teachers.

St Martin CES, Niagara

May 9, 2012

Both sessions today had excellent questions.  The grade 7/8 group was very attentive.  Glad that the messages stuck with you.  Thank You to the parents this evening – and your great feedback.  I appreciate the opportunity to speak at St Martin

Prince of Peace, CFB Borden

May 8, 2012

Thank You to the staff and students at Prince of Peace this afternoon, and parents this evening. Great feedback from your teaches and parents on the topics presented.

St Alphonsus CES

May 7, 2012

A great day that included two Law Enforcement officers who attended my presentation.  Great questions from the students (we went into overtime with the Grade 7/8s – which is always encouraging).  Thank You to the parents and their feedback from this evenings session.  I look forward to returning in 2012/2013


May 3, 2012

Four presentations at St John of the Cross today.. all excellent audiences.  Great questions from the kids, and great feedback from the parents this evening..  what better way to get through a thunderstorm than at a presentation about online safety!  Thank You!

Glenhaven Senior PS

May 1, 2012

540+ Students in one assembly at Glenhaven today.  The best part – their attention for a full hour.  A great reflection on the school administration and on the importance of the message they received today.  Parents – thank you for having me return to speak to your students, and your parent community.