Posts From September 2012

Friday Feedback

Sept 28, 2012

“Many parents were surprised to hear how their children have been empowered with tools that can reach beyond the scope of their understanding and that these technological devices may in fact affect their future career aspirations.”  – Principal, Notre Dame CES


John Bosco CES

Sept 26, 2012

Thank You for inviting me to the Parent Evening for a preview of my November 20th presentation.  Looking forward to returning and speaking with the children and parents!  I appreciate the kind words & support from Officer Toni!  Your community is very fortunate to have such a dedicated person working with your children.

Notre Dame CES

Sept 18, 2012

Thank You to Notre Dame for having me today.  The students were great.  We ran out of time for the primaries in Q&A, but will be more than happy to answer any questions sent to me by your Principal. Thank You to the parents who attended tonight, and their great feedback!

St John Bosco CES

Sept 13, 2012

A great day at St John Bosco.  Both groups were very attentive.  For those older children who returned to join their parents this evening, I was impressed with how much they retained from the day’s session.  Thank You to the Staff, Students and Parents for having me today.

A quote I would like to share from a grade 8 girl at the school (who returned this evening with her parents)

“You are the first person to help me understand how cyber-bullying affects us kids, through real examples with technology – you are very direct” 

It’s when I hear the above that makes my day complete!!!

2012/2013 Directives

Sept 3, 2012

With the 2012/2013 school year upon us, the Social Networking Safety Presentation for Students and Parents/Educators has expanded in content.  The student presentation has been fined tuned to reflect what today’s students are using online.  The parents/educators presentation has expanded by 10min with the addition of more real-life examples and new technologies to look-out for.  The handout has also increased by two pages over the last school year.  More Knowledge = Safer students and families.