Posts From October 2012

St Padre Pio, CES

November 1, 2012

A great day at St Padre Pio!  Students who remembered me from just over a year ago were team leaders in a presentation to the 7/8s.  With respect to coming in on short notice – your parent turnout this evening was terrific.  The feedback from parents was excellent. Thanks for your kind words, and support of my strong message to both parents and students.

A Day Off! Happy Halloween

October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween.  No Presentations today.  So I thought to share this comment by a parent from Monday:

“I really appreciate your commitment to this important movement and all the passion you put into it truly does show when you do your presentation.”  Parent – St Brigid

Read the full comment on my Testimonials page that will be updated on Friday.

St Agnes, CES

October 30, 2012

Great to return to St Agnes today – and to hear the students who retained so much from my last time out.  As I tell parents every night – I learn from your children (as parents should too with respect to technology).  Today was no exception – a great question was asked by a grade 8 girl on a new piece of technology, and security…  I was able to find and deliver the answer this evening to parents, and tomorrow – she and her classmates will all share in the knowledge!  Thank You to parent council and St Agnes for allowing me to return!

St Mark, CES

October 29, 2012

Fantastic day with the students – with great questions!  Thanks to those students who remembered me from their previous school, and reminding me of what you learned over a year ago!  The feedback and comments from parents was great.  Thanks for having me at St Mark.

Holy Name CES

October 25, 2012

Great day with the students of Holy Name – up next… parents tonight!

Oakridge PS

October 24, 2012

Back to the Niagara region and Oakridge PS.  Great sessions today with both groups, and this evening with the parents.  It was one of those days where both sessions had to end with the Q&A due to time – but it’s great to see such interest in questions surrounding safety.  As always, I love listening to students and parents, and tonight I have yet another story that I will be able to share with others as a real-life experience from a parent who shared what happened with their family.  Thank You!

St Anthony CES

October 23, 2012

Very attentive groups today!  Excellent questions from both students and parents. I had the pleasure of speaking to two social workers today (one during the day, and one in the evening), and both really appreciated the content of the material presented to both groups.  Thank You to the parent community for your attendance this evening.

Regina Mundi CES

October 22, 2012

Great day with the students – and a fantastic job by parent council to get an incredible audience out this evening.  Your feedback was tremendous!  Thank You for having me at your school today

All Saints CES

October 19, 2012

Thank You to the staff and students at All Saints for a students-only session today!

Large groups – and very attentive and good questions

Avalon ES

October 18, 2012

Thank You for the warm reception back at Avalon today.  Six months after my initial visit – students advised how they went home to change / delete profiles to be safer.  A real feel good!

Looking forward to the parents this evening