Posts From November 2012

Friday Feedback

November 23, 2012

Parenting today is a difficult job as the culture and technology influencing our children needs to be understood and filtered.  Paul walked that path with our parents and through open discussion enabled our parents to gain insight and skills in being the parent our children need them to be.  Thank you from the Our Lady of the Annunciation Catholic School Community!

Mr Drago
Principal, Our Lady of the Annunciation Elementary School

A Corporate Day

November 22, 2012

I spend the evening Key-Note speaking at a trade event to 60+ executives on the topic of Social Networking Safety.  I would like to thank the organization for allowing me to speak, and thank you for all the great feedback after-the-fact.

Norwood Park PS

November 21, 2012

Parent turnout at events starts with parents who help schools make a difference.  And one parent at Norwood certainly did.  Excellent job in marketing the event to your community!  The students were excellent (even commented by your Principal), with great questions, and the parents were in-tune all night.  Thank You!  See Below how they marketed the event!

Orchard Park PS

November 20, 2012

Right back in the same area from last Thursday – and a great day with students, and very well attended parent presentation!  The feedback from parents was excellent, along with your Principals.  Thank You for an excellent day with your students and parents!

St Jean Vanier CHS

November 19, 2012

Grade 9 and 10’s.  Ages where students are experimenting with many forms of technology…  It was great to address both audiences – with the 9s having many good questions (and it’s rare they ask so many).  Excellent turnout this evening by the parents of High School students.  Thank You!

St Elizabeth Seton CES

November 15, 2012

Thank You St Elizabeth Seton!  Two large audiences for our student groups today, and very well behaved.  Thank You to the parents this evening for your support and kind feedback.  I return next week right down the road!

St Vincent de Paul CES

November 14, 2012

Nice to return to St Vincent de Paul CES.  It has been a little over two years – and your students were great!  Thank You to parent council and the school for allowing me to speak to your students and parents.

Blessed Sacrament

November 13, 2012

Thank You for a wonderful day at Blessed Sacrament in Kitchener.  A wonderful group of students – and great questions.  I appreciate the opportunity to speak today


Elders Mills PS

November 12, 2012

Thank You to the staff and students of Elders Mills today.  I appreciate the story from a mother who attended this evening telling me that her son wrote two pages of notes from his session today!  I love to hear that!

Kingsville PS

November 8, 2012

Double duty today!  After leaving the High School, I proceed to speak twice at KIngsville PS. Another great group of students – with endless questions.  Your parents this evening were amazing! Their feedback was appreciated.

I had a local OPP Constable attend THREE of my sessions today, including the Parents Presentation.  I am privileged when law enforcement attends one – but three?  It is a great honour.