Posts From January 2013

Nellie McClung

January 21, 2013

The first of five presentations today started at Nellie McClung Elementary School.  A large group with great questions.

Armour Heights

January 16, 2013

Thank You to the staff and students for allowing me to speak with your school today.  Very good conversation/follow-up with the Grade 6 class kept behind, in search of more direction.  Loved It!  Excellent feedback from the parent community this evening

Mother Teresa, NCDSB

January 9, 2013

A great start of the New Year, with Mother Teresa today.  Our students went overtime with questions -and that’s awesome to see.  Fantastic parent turn-out this evening.  Great job done by the parent council to make this evening rewarding.  We almost hit three hours!  Parents were really engaged… Loved it!  The feedback was excellent.

Happy New Year

January 2, 2013

Personally – I can’t wait to get back to the schools and start up again.  Looking forward to a great second half of the school year!

St Anne

December 14, 2012

And finally, to end the 2012 calendar – St Anne in lovely Belle River!  A very large group of students today – and great questions from the assembly.  Thank You for allowing me to speak to your student body today

St Gregory

December 12, 2012

Thank You St Gregory – a great day and evening at your school with students and parents.  I’d also like to thank CTV News for coming on-site for the quick interview.  The feedback from parents was fantastic.  I look forward to returning!