Posts From March 2013

MacPhail Memorial ES

March 28, 2013

This afternoon was a session that went into overtime at MacPhail Memorial.  We hit 90min, of what is usually a 60min session!  Students. teacher and even the Principal loved it!  And that is the reward for me!  Thanks for having me at your school.

Grey Highlands Secondary School

March 28, 2013

Two very large groups of secondary students today at Grey Highlands.  Excellent Morning.  Limited Questions, except the one to one questions after the presentations.  Thank You for having me at your school.

Osprey Central ES

March 27, 2013

Today was a real first for me.  In the three years to educating students to be safe online, today I had a group of students that were part of my presentation that I could not “impact” – as they do not own/use electronics.  It was a unique twist to what appears to be the norm in our culture.  A great eye-opening experience to say the least!  Thank You to Osprey for allowing me to speak to your students and parents today!

St Joseph CES & GC Houston ES

March 26, 2013

Three hours from home, I had the pleasure of speaking at St Catherine School in the afternoon and GC Houston in the morning.  I appreciate the collective efforts of both schools to work together in a small community to make the day a success!

Eastview PS

March 25, 2013

Excellent day at Eastview PS.  A large group of 7/8s with great questions.  Thank You to the parent community for supporting the evening event, and your turnout and support.  Special thanks to the grade 7 audio/video expert who assisted with both student presentations – excellent job!


March 21, 2013

This evening was spent back at a school I visited in November.  The target was parents, but it was great to see six grade 11/12 students listen to the adult session of the presentation.  Thank You for having me return, once again!

St Anthony of Padua CES

March 21, 2013

My first visit to St Anthony of Padua speaking to the student body.   A very large group of grade 4/5/6s had some very good questions surrounding the rules of online applications.  Sorry we had to cut the Juniors short in Q&A – but I am restricted by time!  I look forward to returning and speaking with the parents of the community.

St Pius X

March 20, 2013

Great to return for my third time to St Pius X – our greatest turnout yet of parents, and a fantastic day with the students. Non-stop questions even as the bell went to end the school day!!!  Thank you for allowing me to return and update the students and parents.  I appreciate it!

St Francis Xavier CES

March 19, 2013

Thank You to St Francis Xavier for allowing me to speak to your students and administration today.  Very attentive group of students in both sessions.  Excellent job by the school and parent council in getting a very engaged group of parents out this evening.  Thank You for the great feedback, and I do look forward to returning as per your request!


John T Tuck

March 18, 2013

A great day at John T Tuck school.  My longest session to date with a group of grade 7/8s.. Great questions from both groups, including the 4/5/6s.  Fabulous turnout this evening from the parents of your community.  I appreciate your great feedback at the end of the evening.  Thanks to the Principals who want to have me return next year!