Posts From March 2013

Friday Feedback

March 8, 2013

“Great, great information, thank you. Please keep doing all the great work”  – Parent, St James

“Very informative presentation. So glad I came!!  Many things are going to change in my home starting tonight!”  – Parent, St Thomas Aquinas

St James YCDSB

March 7, 2013

Thank You St James for having me return this evening and speak with your parent community.  The interaction was great and parent feedback excellent.  It was great to read how parents will take action items home and apply security right away.  Thank You to the Principals for bringing me back to St James.

St Davids – Niagara

March 6, 2013

When the last parent leaves at 9:15pm, I call it a good day!  Parents at St Davids were very interactive with lots of Q&A.  Parent council did an amazing job at marketing and facilitating a great evening.  Thank You for your fantastic feedback on my day and evening.  Today’s group of students were terrific.  The grade 7/8s stayed well into their recess time to ask extra questions – and that’s amazing!  The students created a flyer promoting the day/evening that I will scan and post – very creative.

St Thomas Aquinas

March 5, 2013

Up to Keswick and speaking at St Thomas Aquinas to one group of Grade 4-6 students.  We had a line-up after the presentation and Q&A, of extra questions!  When children give-up their recess to stay back and ask more technology questions – it’s a great reward!  Thank You to the parent community this evening for your great feedback.


St Mary Immaculate

March 4, 2013

Great Day at St Mary Immaculate.  Wonderful group of students with great questions.  Thank You to the parents who attended this evening, and your kind feedback.  Thank You to your Principal who has asked me to speak twice now at your school – I appreciate the opportunity!

Friday Thoughts

March 1, 2013

Thought I would share a note left for me by an educator who attended my student presentation yesterday:

” I loved your leadership qualities and how you demanded attention respectfully.  Very informative and direct.  Students were very attentive.  Amazing!”   YCDSB Teacher.

Reading comments like that give me great pride in my message every day.  Thank You!