Posts From April 2013

Friday Feedback

April 27, 2013

I certainly appreciate what this teacher wrote after my session to her class.

“This message was so powerful that I called all my class list and strongly encouraged each of my parents to attend the parent session.  The info is relevant and needed for all parents”  Teacher – Niagara District School Board

CPCO Conference

April 26, 2013

Thank You CPCO for allowing me to speak this afternoon, and to the administrators who attended my session.

Plowmans Park ES

April 25, 2013

Thank You Plowmans Park for having me return this year to speak again with your community.  This is the only school where I have ever addressed a grade 1-3 audience, and it was a unique experience!  Thank You to parent council for the support this evening.

Wyewille Central PS

April 24, 2013

Two very good sessions with both groups today, and a great evening (and interactive) with the parents.  Thank You to the Ontario Provincial Police representative who attended my grade 7/8 and parent presentation today.  I love it when law enforcement attends!

St Elizabeth CHS

April 23, 2013

Two great presentations to the Grade 9s & 10s.  Thank You to the school and parent community for attending.

Canadian Martyrs CES

April 22, 2013

Thank You Canadian Martyrs CES – great to be at your school and present to your students and parents.  Sorry we had to stop both Q&A sessions – but happy that you have so many questions!  Parents – Thanks for keeping me 2.5hrs this evening!  You were very engaged in conversation & questions.  Your feedback was great to read.

Sharing My Feedback

April 20, 2013

“Your presentation to the students was very informative.  The students at St Jude told me they thought it was the best presentation they had ever seen”   Teacher, St Jude CES, Mississauga

St Jude CES

April 18, 2013

Thank You St Jude for a great day!  The older students had a lot of great questions.  Excellent parent support (and very interactive).  I appreciate the opportunity to have spoken to your community today!

Glendale PS

April 17, 2013

Thank You to Glendale PS for a great day.  You have a very passionate group of parents that had some very good conversation during our evening session.  Your school is fortunate to have two strong IT professionals who are part of the parent community and can help with their knowledge of security.  Thank You for having me at your school

Mary Ward CES

April 16, 2013

Thank You to the students and staff for having me speak today at Mary Ward.  I will always remember the grade 8 student to approached me after and said “SIr, that was %$#@ ”  The phrase used was later translated into meaning “great”.  The staff at Mary Ward was very supportive in returning to the evening session.  Thank You!