Posts From April 2013

St Jean de Brebeuf CES

April 15, 2013

Thank You to the staff and students at St Jean de Brefeuf CES.  Thank You to the mother of a grade 7 girl who indicated how her daughter deleted an online profile (and so did her friends), of something they did not need to have.  Great support from local law enforcement at my grade 7/8 presentation today.  I look forward to returning!

Niagara – The Week That Was

April 12, 2013

This week I presented 20 times (16 to students and 4 to parents), in four days.  Yes – five per day!  A record for me – and one that I will probably not try and break.  As rewarding of a week that it was, it does take a toll on your body.  But! The rewards overpower the physical demands anytime!  I will update shortly as I read through the comments and feedback from the week.

Greendale and Woodlands PS

April 11, 2013

Day four – and my last five presentations.  Starting off at Greendale in Niagara and off to Woodlands in St Catharines.  I was especially impressed by one child at Greendale that asked me a question that would have taken hours to reply – very open ended.  I suggested and guided the young man to research the answer and prepare a one to two page response.  Once done, to present it to his classmates, and champion the knowledge of his question.  To my surprise and  the excitement of the adults – he agreed. I can’t wait for the report which the school will provide me!  Parents from Woodlands had great attendance and support.  Thank You for your great feedback from today.

Forestview & Kate Durdan PS

April 10, 2013

Day three in Niagara, and five more presentations.  Two schools with some very good questions from all groups.  The highlight was the student who returned with his dad and yelled “that’s him!” as he pointed to me in the hallway.  The parents were great – a quiet bunch…  Excellent day and evening!  Thank You for having me at both your schools!

Power Glen and Grapeview PS, Niagara

April 9, 2013

Day two in the Niagara area, with two more schools and five more presentations today. Excellent job by the schools working together to get a great parent turnout this evening.  The students has great questions, were very attentive, and very respectful.  The audience this evening had a wonderful sense of humour, to make the serious message a little easier to digest.  Thank You for your amazing feedback from the evening and day.

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Richmond St PS & Senator Gibson

April 8, 2013

Awesome day at both Richmond St and Senator Gibson PS.  The feedback from teachers was tremendous and thank you to the youth councilor at Senator Gibson for her feedback from one mother who called in to express thanks on how her child came home and changed her online life!

St Catharine & St Mary CES

April 4, 2013

Two Schools, One Day!  St Catharine and St Mary in Metcalf.  Two wonderful groups of students, and a very supportive group of parents who came together at St Catharine for the evening presentation.  Thanks to the IT father who took the time to write and give a testimonial from someone who has been in the IT industry a long time – and how he spent an evening with other parents to learn something new.  I appreciate it!

Adrienne Clarkson, ES

April 3, 2013

400 Grade 4/5/6 students in today’s presentation that lasted close to 80min!  Very respectful and attentive groups with great questions.  Thank you to the hard work of the parents on council that helped promote and create a successful evening with a large parent turnout!  The feedback from those in attendance was awesome.  Great community!

Terry Fox ES, Orleans

April 2, 2013

Back in the Nations Capitol and my first stop was at Terry Fox ES.  Great day with the students, and some very tech savvy questions from the 7/8 crowd – Loved it!.  Excellent turnout this evening from the parent community, and great feedback from the parents.  Thank You for having me!