Posts From June 2013

Principal Feedback

June 27, 2013

As I look at comments/thoughts left for me by administrators from thousands of miles away – one piece really stuck out that I wanted to share with you:

“Bonjour Paul,
 There are people who make a career out of doing something that they don’t really care for, no cause, no purpose.  You on the other hand, put that theory to rest.  The drive and the passion that you demonstrate during your presentations speak volumes of the kind of person you are and really showcase your cause and your purpose for doing what you do.  I wanted to thank you for coming out to École St-Ambroise for last week.  Some of our older students are still making mention of some of the changes that they’ve put into place following your talk.  Our staff and parents who were present are also bringing your name up in conversation since your visit last week.
As a school administrator and a parent of two girls, I wanted to thank you for your direct way in terms of getting your message across to your audiences.  As a principal, I could apprciate where you were coming from but as parent, I felt a sudden sense of urgency to ask those important questions to my daughter.  So we did just that this past weekend and all is well.”
Principal – Directeur  École St-Ambroise

A Most Rewarding 2012/2013 School Year

June 26, 2013

My last school presentation for 2012/2013 took place yesterday.  It brought to a close my busiest and most successful/rewarding term yet.  Reaching new goals and changing more children’s & families lives!  It’s a pleasure and honour to be able to reach so many.  After re-charging the batteries, I look forward to the end of August – for the start of another busy school year!

Saugeen First Nations

June 25, 2013

Pleasure to speak at Saugeen First Nations today.  And the first time I have spoken to a First Nations.  Thank you to the local Ontario Provincial Police and RCMP representatives who sat through my presentation (and took lots of notes!).  The two sessions went well.  Thanks for the request to have me return – I appreciate it.  I am also thankful for the additional hour spent with the OPP talking safety.  Great community.

Corporate Function – Kingston ON

June 24, 2013

Historic Kingston Ontario – and 300 Municipal Assessors.  A corporate day for me, as the school year winds down.  Thank You for allowing me to speak at your conference today!

RL Graham PS

June 21, 2013

A rare Friday for me to speak – so it was just the students today.  And it was an impact driven session for both groups.  When I asked to the Principals office to help two young girls with their online profile – it was a pleasure to see how my presentation had such an impact that they wanted changes NOW.  I look forward to returning in the new school year to reach out to your parents.

Joseph A Gibson, YDSB

June 20, 2013

Thank You to the students and staff at Joseph A Gibson today for two great sessions.  Endless questions from both groups, and a Principal who is very tech savvy.  I look forward to my return in December.

St Michael Academy, YCDSB

June 19, 2013

Double-Duty day with an awesome audience this evening at St Michael Academy in Markham.  What an engaged community of parents who listened for a full 120min!  It could have gone on for another hour.  I am thankful for the opportunity to speak with such a large audience.  Thank You!

Canadian Martyrs, PEEL

June 19, 2013

Two large groups today at Canadian Martyrs.  You could hear a pin drop with the Grade 7/8s – excellent listening… and great questions from both groups!  I look forward to returning in September to speak with your parents of the community!  Have a great summer!

Oakwood PS, Niagara

June 17, 2013

Back in Niagara speaking at Oakwood PS – two small groups today that had endless questions.  Great teachers support on the directives for keeping the children safe and having rules in place.  Thank You for having me at your school today!

St Joseph School – Fergus

June 13, 2013

Thank You St Joseph in Fergus for the warm reception (day and evening).  It was a pleasure to speak with your community today.  I read EACH and every action item the Grade 4/5/6s submitted to me this evening. They were great to read!  What made our evening session unique is that parents from the community, not just the school made it out – and that is what our evenings are all about – excellent community support!