Posts From June 2013

James Cardinal McGuigan Catholic High School

June 12, 2013

I returned this evening to James Cardinal McGuigan Catholic High School.  Thank You to the Principal and Parent Council for allowing me to speak to their community.  Great to see students attend also.  I look forward to returning next year for your grade 9 & 10s.


St Brendan Catholic School TCDSB

June 11, 2013

We had to get a lot accomplished in short period of time – but the attention given by all your grades was excellent.  Great job by parent council to put our evening presentation together with your school project.  Fantastic crowd, and we did not leave until 9:15pm!  Your feedback was great, and thanks to the students who returned to learn more!

Le Jardin Banquet Hall

June 10, 2013

An evening set aside for parents who “wanted more”.  Thanks to all the families who attended this evening.  We will do this again in February when I return to the area for the full month.

I appreciate your comments you left behind, and quoted a few of you below:

“Great session. Timely, relevant and very impressive” – Parent

“Fantastic” – Parent

“Thank You!  Thank You very much. You literally opened my eyes!” – Parent

“The most amazing educational conference that I’ve been to lately” – Parent

“Fabulous! Excellent refresher to the information you share” (Parent who has seen this presentation before)


Kilbride PS

June 6, 2013

I will never forget the innocence of the grade 6 girl who told me a story about her life growing up on a farm.  It was wonderful to listen to her.  Both groups of students today were excellent.  The Grade 7/8s are very technology savvy students, with great questions.  I read ALL of your comments right after the presentation, and was pleased to see what you will do once you go home and connect online.  Thank You to the parents who attended the day session today – great feedback!

St Jerome DPCSB

June 4, 2013

What an attentive group (both of them) of students today.  The feedback from the students and parents was tremendous!  I am honoured that you immediately request my return in October to take part in a further presentation to your community.  It means a great deal to make such an impact within your whole community.  Thanks for a great day… and for keeping me until 10pm!!!

St Angela Marici YCDSB

June 3, 2013

Thank You to the staff and students for a great day at your school.  A special thanks to the female student who remembered me from two years ago!  “I remember YOU!” which is a good sign!  I read each and every message the grade 6 students put together as a follow-up project after I left.  They were great to read!


Friday Feedback

May 31, 2013

“You gave a terrific presentation, I would like my husband to see you when you return in September”

“Slow down!  A lot of information to process”

“Great presentation.  Both our children (ages 13 + 15) were impacted by your presentations to them”

–Parents from Calgary this week

Harold Panabaker PS

May 30, 2013

I wrap up my week at Harold Panabaker PS.  Thank You to the staff and students for a wonderful day, and to the great parent turnout this evening to support the adult message.  A special thanks to the parent inviting me over for a dinner in September when I return… that was a first.  There were two more “firsts” from your school today, and those great stories were shared with the parents this evening.  Thanks for the great feedback from parents and teachers this evening.

Bishop Pinkham PS

May 29, 2013

Another great reception at Bishop Pinkham today from both students and parents.  The student questions from grade 7/8/9s were very targeted.  It was a pleasure to be able to give direction.  Thank You to the parents who attended and made the whole day possible.  Your feedback was amazing.