Posts From September 2013

Global TV Calgary!

September 29, 2013

On-Air at Global TV Calgary this morning!  Then off to Louis Riel School for my Sunday afternoon presentation at 1:30pm.  200 strong expected!

Captain John Palliser School and Intercultural Dialogue Institute (IDI) Calgary

September 28, 2013

While in Calgary for 12 days, I had the opportunity to speak to parents at Captain John Palliser (and their community) today, as part of an initiative with IDI Calgary.  Imagine this –  A Saturday afternoon & parents came out to spend 2.5hours listening to a topic about protecting their children online!  Awesome!  Thank You to IDI, Captain John Palliser School, and the parents.

I appreciate the token of kindness from IDI and the Calgary Police.  I feel honoured.


Delta West

September 27, 2013

Thank You to Delta West Academy for allowing me to speak to your students while in Calgary – it was a rare Friday that I had the opportunity to present, and glad we made it work.  The students had very good questions, and were excellent listeners

Sir John A Macdonald, CBE

September 26, 2013

Today I spoke with the grade 7/8s and then grade 9 students over two presentations.  Good listening and very good questions at the end.  Thank You to the staff and parents who helped bring the day together.  I appreciate that some students  returned with their parents this evening to learn even more!  Your feedback left for me was excellent.  Thank You!

St Gregory & St Thomas Aquinas, Calgary Catholic

September 25, 2013

Two great schools came together and allowed me to speak to a big community.  I suffered through a rough voice today, and your students were very respectful in listening.  The questions from the grade 7/8/9 students at St Gregory were all targeted and some very technical questions.  I loved answering them!.  Congratulations to both schools for bringing out a LARGE parent audience tonight!  They all stayed until the very end.  What a great day!  Thank You!

“We loved your presentation for our family protection, God Bless You” – Parent

“Mr Davis was fabulous!  He was educational, frightening, and entertaining.  Thank You for the hard facts” – Parent

Samuel W Shaw CBE

September 24, 2013

Two very large groups today including 400+ Grade 7/8/9 students.  I confidently say the message got through.  They listened & asked great questions.  Thank you to the parent community who spent the evening with me, and provided me with great feedback.

I share the following with you, because it’s important to know that even the older kids do take information with them to make changes.

“My son said you were awesome (who is grade 9)” – Parent, Samuel W Shaw


Captain Nichola Goddard CBE

September 23, 2013

Day one of eleven in Calgary and it started off with two large audiences at Captain Nichola Goddard.  Excellent group of students.  This evening we had the support of two schools for the parent presentation – thank you to the parent council for making the evening a success and for your great feedback.  I am sorry for the frog in my throat as a result of getting over a cold… but I was not going to let the kids down!

Good Shepherd CES, YCDSB

September 19, 2013

WOW! What a day. Two student presentations to curious minds, and a huge crowd for this evenings parent presentation!  Great job by the Principal and staff for bringing out a great parent group.  I pushed our time limit, and parents hung on until the very end – awesome!

Today was the second time in a week where a parent said their child thought the presentation was “intense”..  must be the new lingo!

St Michael Academy, YCDSB

September 18, 2013

I returned today to a wonderful group of students – very attentive and respectful.  The messages did make their way home, as parents told me tonight.  Speaking to the parents for the second time in three months – your community is awesome.  Always a great turn-out, with interactive parents and a good sense of humour.  Thanks for having me back!

Annette St PS

September 17, 2013

Thank You to the students and parents at Annette St PS.  Two large student sessions today, and very good parent turn-out this evening.  I will always remember the dad who said “My son said you presentation was INTENSE” – and I will take that as a compliment that my message got through!