Posts From October 2013

St Jerome, Ottawa Catholic

October 30, 2013

St Jerome invited me back to speak with students and parents.  Interesting note – where St Jerome is located (Spratt St), I have spoken a total of 4 days – to three schools in the past 2.5yrs.  This is a great community!  The students were great (and had endless questions), and the parent support was excellent.  Thank You again!

Pleasant Park PS

October 29, 2013

A unique day in speaking with two groups of juniors today.  You could hear a pin drop in both sessions.  Parent council did a fantastic job this evening getting yet another good turnout during my visit to Ottawa this week.  I had the pleasure of meeting parents who gave me feedback on exactly what their child told them they need to do when they return home, to be safe.  That is a great reward!

Berrigan PS

October 28, 2013

Excellent day at Berrigan PS!  Two very attentive groups of students and a parent community that did a great job in getting great numbers out this evening.  Your principal attended all three sessions!  Thank you for allowing me to speak with your families!

St Paul HS, Ottawa

October 27, 2013

My second Sunday in the past month where I took an initiative outside my daily school talks, to speak with parents (again, or for the first time).  Excellent FAMILY turnout this evening – and thanks for spending two hours with me!  Great feedback from all!

From Western Ontario to Eastern Ontario!

October 25, 2013

After four days in the Windsor / Essex / Chatham area – I am back home for two days to spend quality family time, and then off to Ottawa for four full days!  Sunday evening I have an RSVP event with 360 registered to attend!  Looking forward to my return!

HJ Lassaline, Windsor

October 24, 2013

Thank You to the parents and students at HJ Lassaline (including those parents who attended the student presentation!).  A great day overall, and awesome feedback from the Principal on both sessions today. The parents this evening were very interactive and had lots of questions.

St Ursula & Georges P. Vanier, Chatham

October 23, 2013

An awesome day at two schools in Chatham today!  Students were excellent listeners, and this evening was well attended by the parent and teacher community.  Thanks to the support of the Principal at St Ursula, who’s daughter told her to see me at her school.  She did. And it resulted in visiting St Ursula, and also being invited back next year!  I feel honoured.  Thank You!

Thanks to the Chatham Daily News for their great review of my day with the students.

Riverside Secondary

October 22, 2013

Over 800 Students today!  WOW!  I met some really great young adults and had conversations with some very technology savvy grade 11s.  They are an inspiration to speak with, because they can champion the cause for online security to their peers.  It was great to speak to all your students today, in two assemblies.  Thank You for the opportunity!

Jack Minor, Kingsville

October 21, 2013

Off to Kingsville this morning to present to Jack Minor.  My second visit in two years.  Great day with the students and OPP Constable Sal (who has now attended SEVEN of my presentations).  His support of my message is very appreciated.  He has taken a lot of notes, and continues to spread the word long after I leave the students and parents.  Thank You Jack Minor for a great day.pauldavis-opp

Central Public School, Grimsby

October 17, 2013

Central Public School in NIagara – Thank You to the student / parents and staff for letting me speak to your community (and for the welcome back in two years!).  Great participation from the Grade 7/8 students and the parents this evening.

“Your intensity is awesome! But please slow down a little…” – Parent comment from this evening