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St Matthias, TCDSB & Rogers TV

October 16, 2013

Thank You St Matthias for a great day at your school.  It’s great to see teachers return to listen to me again in the evening (and learn even more).  The feedback from both teachers and parents today was awesome.  And thank you for planning to do this again next year!

In between sessions I spent time on-air at Rogers Television taping a live segment on Online Safety!  Thank You Rogers!

Ross Public School, NDSB – Welland

October 15, 2013

Thank You to Ross PS for allowing me to speak to your students and parents today.  Great sessions through-out.  Grade 7/8s were very in-tune with the message, and the feedback was that changes were being made today!

York University, Toronto

October 10, 2013

Thank You – York University for inviting me back, and speaking to your students/staff today.  Love your poster!

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St Bonifice TCDSB

October 9, 2013

Thank You to the students and parents of St Bonifice today – I appreciate the opportunity to speak with your community.  Excellent recap by the principal on both student presentations, to re-enforce what I communicated.

St Joseph & Tekekwitha YCDSB

October 8, 2013

Double duty day – two schools / five presentations.  Starting off wit St Josephs then spoke with the students at St Tekekwitha, and back to St Josephs for the parents.  The highlight of this awesome day was the wonderful hug from a Grade 5/6 student, along with her “thank you”. Thank You to the parents who attended this evening, and for their great feedback

Howard Park, TDSB

October 7, 2013

Great day at Howard Park today with the Grade 4/5/6s. Thank You to the parent community for helping to organize and facilitate the presentations for the students and parents this evening (with babysitting offered to help out parents).  Excellent feedback from all parents who attended and from your Principal who attended both sessions.  Thank You for already inviting me back next year!

The Trip That Was

October 4, 2013

A summary of my trip to Calgary Alberta.

11 Days, 28 Presentations, 1 Interview on Global TV/Calgary & 0 Days off = SUCCESS.  See you in February!

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Father James Whelihan

October 3, 3012

Day 11, and my last school on the trip is Father James Whelihan in South Calgary.  As yesterday, two large groups – both attentive and respectful, with endless questions.  A true validation of execution is when you get invited back to speak the following year from the Principal, and I didn’t even say good-bye!  Thank You FJW!  Great students and parents.  Thanks for making my last day, a great one!  Off to catch the red-eye back home…

MidSun, CBE

October 2, 2013

Two large audiences today at MidSun in SE Calgary.  Both sessions were excellent.  The grade 7/8 group had endless questions, that we had to cut-off due to time.  Excellent parent support this evening, and a fantastic compliment from your Principal on the attendance of the parents to hear my message.  Thank You MidSun!

Alex Munro, CBE

October 1, 2013

Thank You to the staff, students and parents of Alex Munro school today for allowing me to speak with your community.  You know I battled through a rough voice today, but the message made it through loud and clear!