Posts From December 2013

To Be Thankful

December 24, 2013

Family time.  Celebration & Appreciation. Merry Christmas.



Nellie McClung PS, YRDSB

December 16, 2013

A great return to Nellie McClung PS in YRDSB.  A wonderful reception by the students, and those who remembered me from two years ago.  Thanks to the parents who attended this evening, all considered that we were four days from school break.  And – THANK YOU for already inviting me back for Anti-Bullying week during the next school year – That is a great compliment.


Ste-Marguerite-Bourgeoys & École Notre Dame

December 12, 2013

Off to Woodstock and Ste-Marguerite-Bourgeoys  & École Notre Dame.  Two great student audiences (the higher grades had some serious faces on them) today.  Thanks to the parents who shook off the snow/cold to attend, and for their great feedback.

École Sainte-Catherine, Pain Court

December 11, 2014

Where is Pain Court? Right next to Chatham – where I visited École Sainte-Catherine  & Ste-Marie.  Two schools/One Day.  Great day at both schools!  Kindly keep the cold away on my next visit!

Parent: “My son told me it was intense”


École Frère-André

December 10, 2013

I returned to the Providence French School Board today at École Frère-André.  An excellent student audience and great parent turnout this evening.  Great when Principals from other schools attend to hear the message and support parents also!



Aberarder ES, Plympton

December 9, 2013

My first visit to the Plympton area, and Aberarder Elementary School – off the cold shores of Lake Huron.  Thanks for a great day at your school – your students were very attentive.. and thanks to the parents who braved the cold to attend this evening.

The Week Ahead

December 7, 2013

Up next!  South Western Ontario (again) for four days!  Keep the slush away!

San Marco CES, YCDSB

December 6, 2013

Friday afternoon brought me to San Marco CES.  Another rare Friday that I speak, but the Principal wanted a presentation before the school break.  It was a great session with the Grade 6/7/8s, and we went into overtime, with all the Q&A.   Thank You for having me speak to your students!

Knoxdale ES & Greenbank Middle School

December 5, 2013

Over 500 students today, in two great sessions.  Excellent parent turnout this evening – well done Parent Council!  Thanks for a great day at your school, and a awesome way to end off the week in Ottawa!

“That was awesome” – Teacher, Knoxdale ES

“I have never seen the grade 7/8s so attentive” – Teacher, Greenbank Middle School


December 4, 2013

From Ottawa to Arnprior and a visit to John XXIII CES.  Thankfully the Ice Storm was over-hyped!  Thank You to this wonderful community for allowing me to speak to your students and parents.  The parents had a great sense of humour, and we hit the 120min mark! No-one wanted to leave.  I love that!