Posts From January 2014

St Michael, Niagara Catholic

January 30, 2014

Parents kept me until 9:43pm tonight..  I love it when parents are so interactive, that time just passes by!  Thank You St Michael for a great day.  Wonderful students with great questions from both groups.  I appreciate all the feedback from parents this evening, and the request to do it all over again!

“Amazing, great seminar” – Parent, St Michael


Parkdale PS, TDSB

January 29, 2014

Two great sessions at Parkdale PS @TDSB – You could hear a pin drop with the Grade 7/8s.  A large but attentive group.. very serious!  I look forward to returning for your parents in March.  Thank You for a great day.

Holy Jubilee CES, YCDSB

January 28, 2014

AWESOME DAY.  A Great welcome back by the students and parents of Holy Jubilee.  Educating students whom I have also coached in soccer (21 of them), and being greeted as “coach Paul”, has a good feel to it!  Both sessions were excellent, including the Grade 7/8 session that had 26 students give up their recess to stay back and ask even more questions!  This evening’s minus 20 degree temps did not stop parents from showing up, and we even exceeded the anticipated number what would should up!  Thank You Holy Jubilee!

“Superb presentation – Definitely walked away learning a few things” – Mother, Holy Jubilee

“Amazing presentation. Empowering! Thank You Paul” – Mother, Holy Jubilee




Mother Teresa CES, NCDSB

January 27, 2014

Great to be back at Mother Teresa today.  Nice to be remembered by students, and how they pointed out segments of what they learned last time I visited! Two grade 6 girls approached me and advise what they were going to change when they went home (and one of them returned back with her mom, and older sister – so they could learn too).  Thanks to the parents who dealt with minus 25 windchill this evening, and attended the presentation.

Kilbride PS HDSB

January 23, 2014

I had the pleasure of returning to Kilbride PS today (second visit in two years).  I was welcomed by the grade 8’s who remembered me from last year and started asking questions right away!  During the Grade 4/5/6 session, I was thrilled to see one particular girl (grade 6) who helped me answer questions because she retained so much from my last visit.  It was great speaking to the parents tonight also. What made my evening? The Rainbow Loom created for me by a student who attended my session during the day, and came back with mom tonight…  Just a great way to end my week of presentations.  THANK YOU!

Alexander Muir, TDSB

January 22, 2014

Alexander Muir @TDSB – Two great sessions today with the Grade 4/5/6 & Grade 7/8.  I look forward to seeing the parents next week at Parkdale PS.  Thank You for having me at your school today!

You definitely hit a nerve with them“, Vice Principal, Alexander Muir

Mary Johnston & Westvale PS

January 21, 2014

Minus 23 degrees today, and a wonderful visit to tech-savvy Waterloo.  Two great sessions with students at Mary Johnston PS and Westvale PS.  Thank You to the parents who braved the cold again this evening, and stayed for over TWO hours with me.  Great audience interaction.  Thanks for allowing me to speak with your community.

All Saints CES, YCDSB

January 20, 2014

Thank You All Saints CES for inviting me back after two years to speak with your students and parents.  A very attentive group of students!  I appreciate the parents who braved the cold to turn out this evening, and your amazing feedback for me.

St Edward CES, YCDSB

January 16, 2014

I was proud to share with the Principal today that the Grade 7/8 session went into overtime, and lasted 92min!  That is a new record, considering my presentation to the 7/8s is maximum 55min. The students were engaged and interactive!  It was my pleasure to stay and keep answering their questions!  Thank You to the parent council for making this evening a success – many more parents than we had two years ago!

Blythwood PS, TDSB

January 15, 2014

The Blythwood parent council did a great job in getting a wonderful parent turnout this evening.  I know I ran into over-time, but the fact that you all stayed throughout, and that your Principal had to ask some of you to “go home” was great!  I love it when parents stay to ask more questions!  The students took the message home and made changes right after the day was done.  Thanks to the Principal and parents who shared their stories with me today of what the kids did once they got home!

“some parents have asked that you return annually!”, PSC Chair, Blythwood PS