Posts From February 2014

St Ambrose, Calgary Catholic

February 27, 2014

Today I reached my 150,000th student spoken to.  To commemorate, I had all the grade 4/5/6s sign two blister boards for me.  I will take a photo and post it soon.  It was a humbling experience for me – for I never thought (initially) that my journey would take me to this milestone.  My eyes are now set on 200k!!  A great day today and this evening with parents.  Thank You to the staff and community for having me return and speak again.

Nickle School, CBE

February 26, 2014

This afternoon – I spoke to the students at Nickle School in Calgary. Two large audiences and both very attentive.  Extra Q&A after the school bell rang, for Grade 8/9 students who wanted more questions answered.  This evening the parent support was awesome, along with the return of many teachers also!  An excellent showing – and community support!

“Thank you Paul for a wonderful presentation tonight at Nickle School! My mind is whirling with all the information but I have a great feeling of what more I can do to help my children use technology in the “good” way it was meant for and how I can be a powerful model and authority to guide them (and me) along the way. ” – Mother, Nickle School

The school just emailed me these comments.

From a couple of grade eights:

“That was the most I’ve ever paid attention during an assembly”

“Yeah, me too”

“I usually just dose off during assemblies, but I totally paid attention…”

Social Justice Conference, Calgary NW

February 26, 2014

This morning, I had the pleasure of speaking to youth at the Social Justice Conference in NW Calgary.  The reception was outstanding.  Students who remembered me from speaking at their school TWO YEARS ago!  These students were leaders from schools all around Calgary – over 1000 in attendance.  Thank You for the honour of speaking to such a great group of kids!

One of my attendees snapped this photo

pauldavis social media

St Brigid, CCSD

February 25, 2014

When the Assistant Principal approaches me and states: The grade 9 students said “It was the BEST presentation they had every seen” – that’s rewarding.  They came into the presentation with the “I already know this stuff” approached.  I am glad I was able to give them more of what they “thought” they knew.  Thank You to the parents – and other school Principals who attended my session this evening

St Josephs, Calgary Catholic

February 24, 2014

A great start to my 11 days in Calgary at  St  Josephs.  The students had great questions and the parents showed great support (more than expected).  Minus 20 degree temperatures did not stop the parent of this community to spend 100+ minutes with me.  Thank You!

Calgary Police – Thank You to the officer who identified himself this evening to me, and taking in the session

Off To Calgary #yyc Again!

February 23, 2014

Calgary – I am looking forward to my return!  27 presentations over 11 days, and MAYBE one day of mountain watching.

St Jean du Brebeuf, YCDSB

February 21, 2014

THREE fast-paced sessions this morning, with immediate impact.  Grade 9, 10, then 11.  When teachers walk up to me and tell me what their classes were doing after leaving my session – it’s a GREAT feeling!

Dovercourt PS, TDSB

February 20, 2014

A very unique experience today.  A grade 5 girl in the front row had tears in her eyes.  I asked her why she was crying (during Q&A).  She responded “I’m not upset. These are tears of joy.. I am happy that I follow rules that keep me safe, and now know why my mom gave me those rules.. Thank You!!!”   When I look back at what made my day great.. she absolutely did.  Thank You to parents, staff and students for allowing me to speak with your community today!


St Robert TCDSB

February 19, 2014

Two great presentations today to the students of St Robert in the TCDSB.  Good Q&A in both sessions.  This evening I spoke with parents (it’s always a good sign, when the school has to bring in more chairs).  The parent response was tremendous.  They stayed well over the 90min, and had lots of great questions.  I appreciate the opportunity to have spoken to your community.

“What can I say…my mind was in a whirlwind after your presentation last night!”, Mom, St Robert


John Ross Robertson TDSB

February 18, 2014

I returned today to speak at John Ross Robertson in the TDSB.  The students were excellent (as they were last year), and the two proudest moments were when two students remembered (in detail) the answers to questions I had asked – from a year ago.  Thank You for inviting me back, and to the parents who attended this evening.