Nickle School, CBE

February 26, 2014

This afternoon – I spoke to the students at Nickle School in Calgary. Two large audiences and both very attentive.  Extra Q&A after the school bell rang, for Grade 8/9 students who wanted more questions answered.  This evening the parent support was awesome, along with the return of many teachers also!  An excellent showing – and community support!

“Thank you Paul for a wonderful presentation tonight at Nickle School! My mind is whirling with all the information but I have a great feeling of what more I can do to help my children use technology in the “good” way it was meant for and how I can be a powerful model and authority to guide them (and me) along the way. ” – Mother, Nickle School

The school just emailed me these comments.

From a couple of grade eights:

“That was the most I’ve ever paid attention during an assembly”

“Yeah, me too”

“I usually just dose off during assemblies, but I totally paid attention…”