Posts From April 2014

Lester B Pearson, Ottawa

April 13, 2014

YES – Sunday Evening! Thanks to the parents who sat through the rain/thunder..  I appreciate your time on a Sunday night to attend.


Divine Mercy

April 11, 2014

A 60min refresher today for students at Divine Mercy, Grade 4/5/6.  That was followed by students giving up their recess to stay back and ask questions.

Sunset Heights, Oshawa

April 10, 2014

Thank You Sunset Heights in Oshawa!  Wonderful day with the students, and this evening with the parents.  Your Principal sat in all three presentations today – and got a first hand account of how each message was delivered.  We had good Q&A from all sessions.

Transfiguration of our Lord, TCDSB

April 9, 2014

Due to a school conflict, I spoke with the parents tonight, and will return on a Friday in May to speak with the students.

This is my second visit to the school in three years.  A very supportive group of parents.  See you next month.

Nicholson Catholic College & St Josephs

April 8, 2014

Two schools joined forces today in Belleville to have me speak to a larger community.  Great day at the high school and grade school, and then this evening with the parents who gathered back at the high school.  It proved to be a successful formula.  Thank You for the opportunity!  Great poster to promote the event too!


Duke of Cambridge, Bowmanville

April 7, 2014

Duke of Cambridge School – A grade 8 student wrote to me “I’ve seen similar presentations – this is by far, the best”.

It was great being the first speaker at a wonderful new facility.  Parent support was excellent, and Thank You to the two Law Enforcement officers who identified themselves to me, about speaking to their respective agencies in the future..


City of Vaughan

April 6, 2014

The City of Vaughan, and Councillor Tony Carella invited me to speak to his Ward this afternoon.  It was great to be asked by the City in which this started to return and speak to parents/students – on a Sunday!  A special thanks to the father who drove 75min from Waterloo, because his Grade 8 daughter told him to see my presentation.  That’s amazing!

Fisherville PS, TCDSB

April 4, 2014

“THE BEST Presentation we have had all year! Powerful!” Principal, Fisherville PS

I headed to Fisherville this morning to speak with the Grade 7/8s today.

The response from the Principal is a great summary of my time with the students


Allenby, TDSB

April 3, 2013

Allenby PS in the Toronto District School Board.  300+ Grade 4/5/6s.  Excellent audience.  And a very in-tune parent audience this evening, with lots of note-taking.  The high-light of my day:  A mother who returned with a hand written letter from her 10yr old daughter, thanking me for my message, and the impact it had on her.  Seeing the emotion in the mother as she described how I “moved” her daughter – made me speechless…. and that’s hard to do.

Laurelwood PS

April 2, 2014

Off to Waterloo and Laurelwood PS.  A parent heard me speak at another function, and that is how I ended up at the school today.  Two sessions with the 4/5/6s and then the 7/8s.  Both excellent.  This evening, the school underestimated the tremendous parent turnout – and it was a full venue of tech-savvy parents.  Thank You for bringing me out to your community.