Posts From May 2014

Ecole Sacre-Coeur

May 29, 2014

Ecole Sacre-Coeur in Georgetown today.  Two very good sessions with small groups of students.  The smaller forums allowed for more interactive sessions, which the students enjoyed.  Thanks to the parents and staff that returned this evening to hear the parent session.  A great day in the community of Georgetown.

Second St Junior Middle School, TDSB

May 28, 2014

Second St Junior Middle School today, with a pit-stop at Parkdale School this morning.

Parkdale: A session with the parent community this morning, further to my presentation to students a few months back.

Second St Junior Middle School: I spoke with the Grade 4/5/6s, and then the 7/8s – with one more presentation to the parents.  I would like to Thank Officer Rich from Toronto Police Services who attended the parent presentation, and stood up to support my message at the end.

Glynn A Green, NDSB

May 27, 2014

Awesome day at Glynn A Green!  I had to stop both student Q&A sessions due to lack of time – but the student interest was excellent!  Great parent support this evening, and joining us were two Principals from nearby schools to take in the message.

Thankful to be part of your community today.

“My grade 6 daughter LOVED the presentation today” – Susan, Mother – Glynn A Green

“I’m an IT Professional for 20yrs and was pleased to learn lots”  Tim, Father – Glynn A Green

St John Fisher, Peel Catholic

May 26, 2014

A Principal who saw me at a conference 18 months ago, asked me to speak to his school today.

Two great sessions today with students, and one with staff.  Thanks for your support of my message to your community.

St John The Evangelist, TCDSB

May 23, 2014

Thank You to St John The Evangelist School for inviting me in for a session with the students, before my November visit!

An honour to be called back by a Principal who first saw me two years ago at another school..

Hawthorne Village, Halton District School Board

May 22, 2014

Hawthorne Village today, in the Halton District School Board.  Two large groups of students (very well behaved) – with lots of questions.  I am sorry we had to cut the Q&A off in each session due to time.  Thanks to the parents who attended this evening, and for their great feedback.  And Thanks to the School Principal for asking me back already!!

“Fabulous! Going home to make some changes!”  Krisha, Parent – Hawthorne Village PS.

St Ann, Niagara Catholic.

May 21, 2014

Excellent day at St Ann, in a lovely area of St Catharines.  As the Grade 4/5/6 session came to a close, it was time for recess.  I ended the Q&A, but the children unanimously chose to give up their recess and stay back to keep asking questions – AWESOME!  Who needs the break anyway.  The 7/8s followed right after.  This evening was a great interactive group with the parents.  Thank You to the Constable at Niagara Regional Police for her awesome feedback.




“Excellent Presentation. An Absolute MUST for parents”  Nikki, Parent – St Ann

Midland Secondary School

May 20, 2014

Thank You Midland Secondary School – I returned today to speak with the parent community.  I was rewarded with a story from the Principal as to how my presentation to the students had a group of them speak out,  about a matter that was not previously addressed & was brought forth to administration, after my session.

Steve MacLean, OCDSB

May 15, 2014

My last day in Ottawa takes me to Steve MacLean PS.  The Principal has now allowed to speak at his school twice and it’s his 3rd time seeing my sessions, in three years.  I am very thankful for the support.  Great group of kids today, along with a parent audience equal to 1.5years ago!  Great to see the community support.


D Aubrey Moodie, OCDSB

May 14, 2014

Two presentations to the students today at D Aubrey Moodie in the OCDSB.  The Grade 7/8 session had a lot of “wow” factor to it.  The kids left in amazement at the end of their session.  Thank You to the parents (and teachers) who attended this evening.