Posts From June 2014

Lester B Pearson, Waterloo

June 23, 2014

I knew I was in a Tech Savvy part of town, when Grade 4/5/6’s are asking technical questions, that  most high school student’s will not ask!  I loved it!  Two awesome sessions today, and an amazing parent turnout this evening (yes, in the humidity), who stayed with me for 90+min!!  Thank You!

“Awesome, Amazing, Astonishing!  But please speak a little slower”,  Parent – LBP

“You were our dinner conversation tonight”,  Parent – LBP


Our Lady of Help Christian

June 19, 2014

I returned to Our Lady of Help Christian after my initial visit three years ago.  Two large student audiences today.

Thank You for allowing me to return to speak with your students and parents (this evening).


Business and School

June 18, 2014

I returned to a school for a refresher today with a group of Grade 7 students.  It was a “just because” type of event.

Over lunch, I had the pleasure to speak with a group of engineers at a company that helped developed the Canada Arm for the Space Shuttle.  It was a fun experience talking to “techies”

Holy Spirit, YCDSB

June 17, 2014

I visited Holy Spirit in the YCDSB today.  Great group of students, guided by a Principal who has seen me three times at various schools.  Thanks to the parents who braved the tornado warnings and attended this evening session.  I look forward to returning.

“I love you. Straight to the point!”  Parent, Holy Spirit Catholic School

Dalewood School, NDSB

June 16, 2014

Dalewood School in St Catharines today (@DSBN) – two student sessions lasting one hour each in some rather hot temperatures.  The first student session ran into their lunch, and students stayed behind to ask even more questions!  Thanks to the parents who sat through 100mins this evening, with fans blowing to keep our cool.

It’s an honour to be returning in November!  Thank You!

“This is my third cyberbullying/social network presentation. By far the Best!  Great Presentation!” Nancy – Parent at Dalewood.

St Andrews Jr High School, TDSB

June 13, 2014

Two amazing sessions at St Andres Jr High School today!  Tech savvy students who had their eyes opened to the technology in their hands. Judging how the school had to stop the Q&A due to time – they really took to it!

Thanks for a great day!

Joseph A Gibson

June 12, 2014

A follow-up to my 2013 visit to Joseph A Gibson today.  Thank You to the Principal who invited me back to speak with his community.  It was voting night – so a special thanks to parents who made the time to sit in our session this evening.

W.I. Dick, Milton – HDSB

June 11, 2014

An eye opening presentation for the Intermediates today.  Body language speaks volumes, and their endless questions today was a great sign.  Teachers making changes online also!  Thank You to the parents this evening, who were joined by their Halton District Police VIP Officer.  As I left today, six girls waiting outside the school CLEARLY outlined two changes they were each making this evening… and for that, I am rewarded.


Our Lady of Fatima, YCDSB

June 10, 2014

Our Lady of Fatima – I return after three years to speak to students and parents!

A great day of two seminars, including an informal in-class session with the grade 8s, two hours after they had time to digest my message.  They had even more questions that resulted in good conversation amongst classmates.

Thank You to the Principal, who has asked me to his schools three times.  Your support is appreciated!

St Fidelis, TCDSB

June 9, 2014

I returned to St Fidelis today – my second trip in two years!

Thank You to the Principal who believes in my message enough to have me return.  The students were excellent in both groups today. Very attentive and with good questions.