Posts From October 2014

St Josephs, Port Elgin

October 29, 2014

On route to Port Elgin.

My first stop was speaking with students at St Josephs CES.  Two groups. Grade 4/5/6 & 7/8

This evening, I went to Saugeen District Secondary School to speak to the  parents of this community.



Alexandra ES, Niagara

October 27, 2014

Today I returned to the St Catharines area to speak with two schools – all held at Alexandra school.

Two great groups of students, and parents who joined us today.  Thank You to the Principals for their co-ordination of the students and parents sessions.

Clearview Church, Oakville

October 25, 2015

Another Saturday night finds me speaking at Clearview Church in Oakville.  To my surprise, we had a very good turnout of parents (with some children) who spent 90min of their Saturday night listening to my message.  Thank You Clearview Church!

St Kateri Tekakwitha, Markham

October 24, 2014

Thank You to the wonderful Principal at St Kateri Tekakwitha who has invited me THREE times to speak with students at two different schools!

It was awesome to be remembered by students from last year – who told me what they did (to change their online activity) after hearing me last time out.  A great reward.


Holy Cross, CES Ottawa

October 23, 2014

Thank You to the Students and Staff for letting me speak with your community.  Great picture taken by your Principal during the student session!  I look forward to returning next year.

St Matthew CHS, Ottawa

October 22, 2014

Today I started off speaking with Grade 7/8 students.  The Grade 9/10 session took place in the afternoon.  This evening’s presentation was cancelled due to the tragic event that took place in Ottawa today.

A sad day. #ottawastrong

Dunlop PS, Ottawa

October 21, 2014

My first stop on this trip to Ottawa was Dunlop PS.   A small group of students, with just endless questions.  I had an informal Q&A with the staff over lunch, and then spoke to the parents this evening.  Thank You Dunlop!

All Saints SS, Whitby

October 20, 2014

All Saints Secondary School today in Whitby.  Two sessions – Grade 9/10 & Grade 11/12.  One of the nicest compliments ever given to me came from a technology teacher at the school today.  He liked the delivery of the message, in a tone the students understood!  This evening we had a good group of parents attend for their version of the presentation.  Thanks for a great day at your school

Westdale PS, Niagara

October 16, 2014

My last day (of 3) in Niagara had me visit Westdale PS.  Two sessions to students, and then back this evening with parents.

Great to see one of the staff members return and bring her Grade 7 son to listen to the message that he missed during the day.

A great trip overall.  Thank You.

South Lincoln High School, Niagara

October 15, 2014

Today was a unique day where three schools partnered to bring schools in remote areas of the Niagara region together to hear my message at South Lincon High School.  Well executed for students.  A great story was shared this evening after the adults session.  One that made me proud of delivering my message during the day.