Posts From November 2014

Canadian Martyrs, Kitchener

November 14, 2014

This morning I spoke with the students at Canadian Martyrs.  It was interesting, because I spoke with the parents last night (and that is opposite of how I conduct my day).  Excellent support from the Principal and staff in attendance today.

“Great strategies to keep their attention”, Teacher – Canadian Martyrs.

St Daniel, Kitchener

November 13, 2014

Thank You to St Daniel for inviting me back after three years!  A wonderful day with students, and this evening was great with the parents from St Daniel and Canadian Martyrs.

John Marshall, @NDSB

November 12, 2014

Thank You John Marshall in Niagara Falls for inviting me back after two years.

A wonderful day with students, and we doubled our parent audience from last time out!

Three parents who attended for their second time..  one mother attended her Third Session!!  Awesome!

“Awesome Talk. Loved every minute + learned a lot” – Mother, John Marshall


November 11, 2014

So very Thankful and Grateful… and today I honour those women and men.

Dalewood PS, @NDSB

November 10, 2014

An Amazing reception by students on my return to Dalewood PS today!

Students who remembered my lecture and made changes online – are now true leaders for the younger students.

Our parent audience was larger than last year!

The highlight of the day:

Getting a hug from a Grade 4 girl as she was leaving school, and saying : “Thank You”.

“Fantastic Once Again! Learn something new everytime. Glad I brought 2 more people with me tonight”  Mother, Dalewood PS


San Lorenzo Ruiz, YCDSB

November 7, 2014

Great to return to San Lerenzo Ruiz today, and speak with students and staff.

Thank You to the Principal who has now seen me three times, for her support of my message to her students.

Wakefield Quebec

November 6, 2014

The community of Wakefield invited me to speak to students and parents of this wonderful region of Quebec.

Law Enforcement that attended enjoyed it also (see tweet below)

Thank You! (Merci!)






Turnbull Schooll, Ottawa

November 5, 2014

Second Stop today was at Turnbull School in Ottawa.

It was an absolute pleasure spending two sessions with Grade 4/5/6 & 7/8, and then this evening to a stellar crowd of parents who packed in their presentation.  I appreciated the return of the community Police Officer who listened to the day session and then the parent session!

Mother Teresa, Ottawa Catholic

November 5, 2014

The day started off at Mother Teresa speaking with 400+ Grade 7/8 students.

A tremendous session of very engaged students.  Thank You to Vice Principal Raso for inviting me back to your school!

Nepean High School, OCDSB

November 4, 2014

550+ Students today at Nepean High School!  Awesome!

Great audience of tech-savvy students.

Thanks to the parents this evening for spending almost two hours with me.