Posts From December 2014

St Clare, @YCDSB

December 16, 2014

My third visit in three years to St Clare in the York Catholic School Board.  Thank You to a Principal who believes in my delivery to the community.

My Grade 7/8 presentation was amazing! It lasted 25min longer, due to GREAT Q&A / Interaction with students.  Many remembered their version of the presentation two years ago.  The Grade 4/5/6s sat very attentive for 60min with excellent questions also.

“You really connect with them” Principal, St Clare – commenting on my Grade 7/8 presentation.

St Antoine Daniel, @TCDSB

December 15, 2014

St Antoine Daniel in the Toronto Catholic School Board.  I know it’s a hard time of the year to keep focused, but the kids were focues for 2 x 1hour sessions!  Great to see two teachers return this evening to take more notes for their own household.  Thanks to the community of St Antoine Daniel for inviting me today

St. Carthagh, Tweed

December 11, 2014

In a community of 1800, St Carthagh invited me to speak to students and parents.

This was only made possible because the Principal saw me at another school last year, and asked me to deliver my message at her school.

An excellent day with students (two of which returned with their parents tonight), staff and parents.

Thank You!

Guardian Angels, Stittsville

December 10, 2014

The parents of Guardian Angels in Stittsville Ontario took it to the next level!

Today was a great day with the students. Teachers went home and told other teachers who missed it, that they should attend this evening. The parents used social media to market the event for a successful night.

What made it awesome?  17cm of snow did not hold back close to 100 parents from attending.  AMAZING!  The energy in the room was incredible

The roads were so bad, that I could not see the bare road on the hi-way as I drove back to my hotel.


Renfrew Ontario

December 9, 2014

In conjunction with the Ontario Provincial Police – I delivered my message to two schools and 1050 students!!!  AMAZING!

RCI High School & St Josephs High School

I enjoyed the one-on-one sessions at the end of both presentations with students that just wanted to talk.  Love their passion for wanting to learn more!

Henry Larson, Ottawa

December 8, 2014

Excellent students today at Henry Larson.  Engaged teachers with lots of questions too!

This evening brought back memories of two years ago, with a full house of parents – a mix of new faces and returning parents.

Thank You for the invitation to return, and great parent feedback.

Blessed Sacrament, Kitchener

December 4, 2014

What an awesome “welcome back” to Blessed Sacrament by the 7/8s.  They last saw me two years ago with a different presentation, and the energy in the gym was excellent.  15+ students stayed back during their break to just chat, and ask more questions.

Thanks to the parents this evening for spending your night with me and your great feedback.

MacKenzie King, Kitchener

December 3, 2014

When you are asked back to the school, prior to leaving -it’s a great honour.  Thank You to the Principal who wants to keep the message going next year!

Today I met an incredible girl in Grade 6, who honestly “wow’d” me with her questions related to technology.  I thought I was speaking to a high school student!  She left quite the impression.

I enjoyed my day at your school!  Thank  You for allowing me to speak today.

Westvale PS, Kitchener

December 2, 2014

My first of four days in the KW area starts off at Westvale in Kitchener, Ontario.  This is my second visit to this community.

Great to be remembered by students and staff.  Thanks to the parents who helped make today and this evening happen.