Posts From January 2015

St Elizabeth Seton, Peel Catholic

January 27, 2015

My first visit to St Elizabeth Seton today.  Two deliveries to Grade 4/5/6 & 7/8, followed by the parents this evening (sorry we ran overtime) – but lots of Q&A from the parents.

“Excellent presentation. Glad I came” – Parent, St Elizabeth Seton

St Julia Billiart, YCDSB

January 26, 2015

Great to return to St Julia Billiart and to a Principal that has seen me three times over two schools.

Excellent group of students today.  Thank You to the parents who attended this evening (and those that have attended before!)


King City United Soccer Club

January 23, 2015

Getting off a red-eye from Calgary, spending catch-up time with the kids – and then this evening at King City United Soccer Club.  A great evening with parents and students of the soccer club & hockey club.  Thank You KUSC for the opportunity to speak with your community.

West Dalhousie & HD Cartwright, Calgary

January 22, 2015

The morning started off at West Dalhousie speaking to the grade 4/5/6s.  I then drove to HD Cartwright for the Grade 7/8/9 presentation, and then the parents of both schools at HDC.  Thank You to the three Calgary Police officers who attended, and then stayed behind to speak further about the presentation.

A great day that ended my visit to Calgary.  I return in March, September and January (2016).

Almadina Charter Academy, Calgary

January 21, 2015

Great to connect with kids who acknowledge that I “understand them”.

Two fabulous student sessions followed by the parents this evening.  I am honoured to be asked back to your school again next year.  Thank You

“Can I have your autograph”  Student, Almadina

Fairview School, Calgary

January 20, 2015

This afternoon, two more sessions and 900 students at Fairview School in South Calgary.

Incredible work by the parent council of the school to bring in close to 200 parents this evening.

paul davis

St Joan of Arc, Calgary

January 20, 2015

This morning starts off at St Joan of Arc with Grade 4/5/6 & 7/8/9.

800 Students over two sessions.  Thank You to the Assistant Principal for organizing a great morning with your school.

St. Jean Brebeuf Junior High, Calgary

January 19, 2015

Today I spoke at St. Jean Brebeuf Junior High.  560 Students – and very attentive.

A good sign is when students form a line to ask you more questions after the seminar (even though we had a Q&A session.  This evening was a collective gathering of St Jean and St Joan parents.  Thank You to both schools.

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Heritage School & Ecole Okotoks Jr High, Okotoks

January 16, 2015

My full day started with speaking to students at Heritage School in Okotoks.

A very attentive group of Grade 7/8/9s, that were asking me questions all the way to the door, on my way out!

I traveled to Okotoks Jr High for two more students sessions.  Grade 9, and then 7/8.  As I reflect, the Grade 9s gave full attention for 60min, which could have gone longer.

This evening (yes, Friday night), we had 80-100 parents attend, and stay for close to two hours.

I can’t Thank You enough for an awesome day!

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John Castello, Calgary

January 15, 2015

The Principal at John Castello had attended one of my presentations last year, as a parent.

Today I spoke to his Grade 4/5/6s, and to their parents tonight.  He did an amazing job getting a great parent audience! I will always remember your students for the FIVE career related questions they asked me, along with:

“Sir, if you had a choice to be an Astronaut or teach kids about online safety – what would you choose”, and of course I answered without hesitation – KEEP OUR KIDS SAFE


“Best presentation I have ever attended” Dad, John Castello