Posts From March 2015

St Brigid, YCDSB

March 9, 2015

Three years after my first visit, I returned to St Brigid today.

Great to be back with two student sessions today, and the parents this evening.

Honestly, it was one of the hardest days for me – after suffering for three days with a sinus issue over the weekend.

The simple option would have been to cancel.  But it was not an option for me.

Julliard PS

March 6, 2015

I returned today to Julliard for a Group of Grade 7s that missed me last time out.

I did not want to let them down – so we found a time for me to get the message in.

St Joachim, Ancaster

March 4, 2015

The best part of today?  Having a Grade 8 girl who attended my presentation during the day, stand in front of parents (including local Police) and tell them FOUR things she did when she left school (based on what she learned), and how 10-15 of her friends did the same thing!

There is no greater feeling… Impacting a child’s life.  Keeping their social media in-check & safe.

We needed extra seats this evening for parents – excellent turnout!

paul davis

Senator Gibson, @NDSB

March 3, 2015

Two years after my first visit, I returned to Senator Gibson today.

The grade 7/8s were just full of questions, even after the presentation was done.  Excellent interaction.

Thank You to the parents who braved the ice-pellets this evening, to attend the parent presentation.

Niagara Catholic Principals Conference

March 2, 2015

I was able to fit in a 90min presentation to Principals in the Niagara Catholic School Board this afternoon.

Thank You for this amazing opportunity!

St James, Niagara Catholic

March 2, 2015
St James was my first stop on a three day trip to the Niagara region.

Two excellent student audiences today with great questions.  This evening, we had a great parent turn-out including one mother who has now attended EIGHT presentations over the past four years, and keeps bringing friends and family to hear the always changing message.  I am truly honoured !

St John Vianney, @WECDSB

February 26, 2015

My final day in the region was awesome.  Two wonderful sessions today with students, and again this evening with energized parents!  Thank You to the Principal who saw me at a conference, and asked me to speak with her students/staff and parents.

Today, I was inspired by a group of students who wanted to make a change in someones life.  I am happy to have contributed to their cause.  #rewarding.