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Light of Christ, @YCDSB

April 10, 2015

Light of Christ this afternoon in Aurora this afternoon with two group of students.

Spending time with the Grade 7/8s after school & listening to their feedback was a great way for me to end the week.

I return in October for a full day, with parents!

Julie Payette, Whitby

April 9, 2015

Julie Payette PS in Whiby started off with the Grade 4/5/6s, and then the 7/8s.

The message definitely went home to the parents, as it was literally standing room only this evening (and extra chairs had to be brought in).  The parents were engaged and the energy was tremendous.

A special thanks to a Toronto Police Services officer who gave his nod of approval, and to the 9yr old girl who left the babysitting room to join her mother and ask “can you please come back”.  That just made my night.


White Haven PS, TDSB

April 8, 2015

How did I end up at White Haven today?  It’s a great story:

The Principal at White Haven attended my session at her daughters school, where her daughter said “you should go see him mom”. After mom attended my session, she asked me to visit her school to speak with her students and parents.

It was an eye opening day for the Grade 7/8s.  The grade 4/5/6s were excellent.

Thank You!

Armour Heights, TDSB

April 7, 2015

Full gym of Grade 4/5/6s at Armour Heights (with student from John Wanless PS) today.

Tons of energy – great Q&A

Thanks to all the parents this evening who attended (including one mother – her third presentation).

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St Anges of Assisi, @YCDSB

April 2, 2015

My second visit to SAA in three years, and returning September 2016 for a student and parent session!

I was overwhelmed with questions by the Grade 7/8 group.  I started a social project today online, where they had the opportunity to speak and provide thoughts on their 60min presentation.  Once I screen-shoot the data, I will post it to share with you!

paul davis social media

Father John Kelly, @YCDSB

April 1, 2015

No April Fools – I returned for my third visit (in four years) to FJK in the YCDB

Always a warm welcome from staff and students.  Thank You for the opportunity to speak today.


Holy Rosary, Wellington Catholic DSB

March 31, 2015

“Absolutely Fabulous” – Teacher, Holy Rosary.

I guess that was the reaction after having a Grade 7/8 group quiet for 60min, and paying attention.

Thank You to School Council who worked with their Principal on making this day happen for students and parents.

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Mundys Bay, Midland

March 30, 2015

Thank You to a staff member at Mundy’s Bay who saw me at another school, and organized my day at her school today.  Two sessions with the students, followed by the parents this evening.  A wonderful day in your community.