Posts From May 2015

Christ The King, Cambridge

May 15, 2015

Two student-only sessions on this Friday at Christ The King in Cambridge, Ontario.

Thank You to the Principal for making this date work for me at your school.

Lakeroad PS, Sarnia Ontario

May 14, 2015

From Windsor to Sarnia, and a visit to Lakeroad PS.  A small school with great leadership and wonderful students.

A special Thanks to all the Grade 8s who wrote me (by way of your teacher) after my presentation.  I will post your comments over the next few weeks.

St Anne CHS, Windsor

May 13, 2015

WOW! 1,250 students over two incredible presentations.  Both audiences were amazing, and so was the energy!

Thank you for inviting me back 2.5yrs after my first visit.

“Best presentation in my 25yrs teaching”  Teacher, St Anne

St Bernard, Windsor Catholic

May 12, 2015

Thank You St Bernard (and parent council) for working to have me speak with your students today, and parents this evening.  I enjoyed my time with your community.

L A Desmarais, Windsor Catholic

May 11, 2015

Two years after my first visit, I return to LA Desmarais in Windsor, Ontario.

The older students had some wonderful memories from their first time seeing me.

Thank You for inviting me back today.

Windfields JHS, @TCDSB

May 8, 2015

This Friday brought me to Winfields Junior High School for two intense sessions with Grade 7s and 8s.

Thanks for a great day with your students and staff

St Mary, HCDSB

May 7, 2015

St Mary in the Halton Catholic School Board.

What an honour to be asked back (April 2016), after only finishing my first of three presentations.  The support from both Principals was tremendous.  Two great student sessions today, followed by parents this evening (and some students who returned with their parents!)

St Jude, TCDSB

May 6, 2015

I returned to St Jude after two years, and the day went awesome!

Students were excellent!  It was a hot evening for the parents, and I Thank You all for keeping up with me for 90min in the heat.

Our Lady of Hope, Richmond Hill

May 5, 2015

My third visit in four years, and both Principals who have seen me collectively 6 times.

Two intense sessions with the students, and a great core of parents who have seen me before – return again for the evening.

“You have such passion when speaking”  Principal, addressing the parent audience.

St Joseph, Bowmanville

May 4, 2015

“My son insisted on attending this evening” – love hearing that, after a student leaves my presentation inspired to push his family to attend.

Thank You for the hard work of a mother at the school who worked to bring me in, and stayed for all three presentations today to students and parents.