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St Fidelis, TCDSB

October 26, 2015

It’s an honour to return for my third visit in four years to St Fidelis in Toronto today.

Great reception by students – and our BEST parent audience since my first visit

Thank You to the Principal, Mr. C – for his support of my message to students and parents

Ecole élémentaire Ange-Gabriel

October 22, 2015

Excellent day at Ecole élémentaire Ange-Gabriel today!

A very respectful and attentive student audience, and a great turn-out tonight from the parents tonight!!!

The parents brought great energy and were very involved.  Thank You for spending your night with me.

“Thanks for your contribution to raising civilized, socially conscious, responsible youth. You’ve made a lasting impression on me and I’ve told my friends to look you up! Thanks again.”  Shannon / Parent at Ange-Gabriel

AK Wigg, Fonthill – NDSB

October 21, 2015

What was cool at AK Wigg School?  A Principal who had me speak at her old school, and a parent on Parent Council who has seen me at other schools – worked together to have me present at AK Wigg!

Thanks for a great day!

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St Dominic Savio, Toronto TCDSB

October 20, 2015

My first visit to a small school in the GTA – St Dominic Savio.

Thank You to the parent council who worked hard to make this day happen for the students and then their parents tonight.

Romeo Dallaire, YDSB

October 19, 2015

Two student-only sessions today at Romeo Dallaire in Maple, Ontario

Given that it is election night – no parent session.  We are looking at May 2016 to have the parents attend their version of the presentation.

Great to be remembered by students from Julliard who saw me last year!

Pierrre Berton, Woodbridge

October 16, 2015

It’s Friday!  Today I was at Pierre Berton in Woodbridge Ontario.  Two student sessions, with the Grade 7/8 session going overtime with Q&A and dialogue with students that wanted more knowledge.

Thank You to the Vice Principal who had me at her other school last year, and brought me in today at Pierre Berton

Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Mississauga

October 15, 2015

Less than 7 months since my first visit – I had the honour of returning to OLMC in the Peel Catholic District School Board.

Thanks to a Principal who loves the message to his students – and tonight, to his parent group.

Note – while setting up: It was great for students who saw me 7months ago, approach me and tell me what they did once they left my seminar.  Very Rewarding!

James Strath PS, Peterborough

October 14, 2015

I spent my day in Peterborough at James Strath PS – referenced from another school in the Peterborough area.

The students were excellent in both sessions.  Great to see the parents out tonight (even though there was a baseball playoff game nearing the end!)


Cobourg Police

October 13, 2015

A day after Thanksgiving, I travel to Cobourg to speak with the community that the Cobourg Police Department initiated.  I started off at Terry Fox PS speaking to students (two sessions).

This evening was at the Cobourg Police Dept speaking to community officers.

Thanks for a great day!

paul davis social media

paul davis social media