Posts From October 2015

St Mary, Nobleton

October 9, 2015

Great way to end the week.

Being invited to speak with students at St Mary (my second visit), from a Principal who has had me at FOUR of her schools in the past five years.  A true honour.   THANK YOU!

St Gabriel, Barrie

October 8, 2015

I returned to St Gabriel today.  Two great student sessions, along with a tremendous parent session tonight!  We tripled our attendance from just six months prior!  Word of mouth is a powerful medium.

Big Thanks to the Principal for his support and the effort of two moms on School Council who made it happen (again).

St Rita, Brampton

October 7, 2015

I return to St Rita today!  My second visit in two years.  Awesome support from the Principal & VP!

Great to be remembered by students and staff.

paul davis social media

paul davis social media

Light of Christ, Aurora

October 6, 2015

I returned to Light of Christ today – and it was AWESOME to be quoted by students who saw me last year.

A great review, along with updates on new technologies/directives.

Tonight was the parents turn, and a very good Q&A followed – along with general discussions regarding technology and children.

Wheatley School, St Catharines

October 5, 2015

I return to Wheatley today! Two years after my first visit!

Thank You for inviting me back.  Great parent participation this evening.

St Mark CES, Burlington

October 2, 2015

Thank You St Mark for inviting me back to speak this year!

Sorry the only option was on Friday, but we had the parents out tonight!!

Great to be remembered by students from last year, and updating them on their respective messages about online safety.

Mackenzie King ES, Kitchener

October 1, 2015

My second stop today, is a return to Mackenzie King ES.

Spoke with the Grade 4/5/6s, and then this evening with the parents of Mackenzie King & Stanley Park.

A great day at both schools.  Thanks to the Principal at MK for inviting me back this year!

Welland Centennial SS, Niagara

September 30, 2015

Two groups = 700+ students in a lovely auditorium at Welland Centennial.

Great to meet students with endless questions after each session.

I look forward to my return!


Eastdale Secondary, Niagara

September 29, 2015

Thank You to the staff and students at Eastdale Secondary for inviting me to speak with their community today in Welland Ontario.