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Our Lady of The Snows, Canmore

January 18, 2016

Our Lady of the Snows in Canmore, Alberta

Hands down, the most picturesque surroundings to a school I have had the pleasure of visiting.  The mountains are breath-taking.

It was an excellent start to my second week, and very happy with the parent audience this evening.

The very first parent to show up (mother) shared a story of what her daughter did upon seeing her, and the mom had tears in her eyes.  It was my feel-good moment of the day.

Social Media for Teachers

January 16, 2016

This Saturday morning I offered a 2hr Social Media for Educators course, at the Microsoft Store in Calgary.

The result?  I will be doing it again!

What better way to spend a morning when it’s -16 degrees outside..

St Stephen School, Calgary

January 15, 2016

The afternoon and evening was spend with student and parents at St Stephen School in Calgary.

Another 500+ students and a good group of parents tonight who came out on a “Date Night”..

Yes, the school served those parents dinner – after all, it is a Friday night!

Thank You!


Turner Valley School

January 15

My day starts off in Turner Valley, Alberta.

Turner Valley School hosted 300 students from four different schools.

paul davis social media







+ Thank You to Alberta RCMP for attending!

Oilfields School, Black Diamond Alberta

January 14, 2016

In the small community of Black Diamond is Oilfields School that hosted FOUR schools total today!

Very happy with both student sessions.

Another GREAT showing this evening with parents!  Loved it!

+ Thank You to Alberta RCMP for attending

Chestermere Lake

January 13, 2016

600 students in one large assembly today at Chestermere Lake.

Big Thanks to the Principal who saw me at her daughter’s school, and asked me to speak at her “work” school.

Excellent parent audience/interaction tonight!

Foothills Academy, Calgary

January 12, 2016

Two students sessions today (excellent Q&A by the 7/8/9s), and a phenomenal parent audience tonight!

Thanks for a great second day in Calgary

“We had an overwhelming positive response from our students, and especially our parents, who so appreciated receiving this information.  We feel this was one of our best, and most important presentations we have had here at the school. ”  Foothills Academy


Notre Dame Collegiate, High River Alberta

January 11, 2016

My first of 13days in Alberta starts off at Notre Dame in High River!

A great day with students and parents.  Big Thanks to the Principal who saw me at his previous school, and brought  me in!

+ Thanks to Alberta RCMP for attending!

St Raphael, Burlington

January 7, 2016

Thank You to St Raphael today in Burlington Ontario.

As the Principal sets to retire, he worked to make sure I was able to get in and speak to the students and parents.  A wonderful group of students, and excellent parent audience tonight.

Thank You to the Principal and Parent Council for making it happen!