Posts From February 2016

Cairine Wilson SS, Ottawa

February 24, 2016

Day three, and my first stop on this snow-filled day was at Cairine Wilson in Orleans.

Two AWESOME sessions today with a great group of High School students.

Thanks to the Vice Principal for tweeting the back of my head in this shot!


Alta Vista, Ottawa

February 23, 2016

Day two in Ottawa at Alta Vista speaking to students and parents, 3.5yrs after my first visit to the school.

What an amazing Q&A from the Grade 7/8 students.  It was endless!

Lakeview & Grant School, Ottawa

February 22, 2016

First stop in Ottawa – Lakeview School for a students only session

Second stop – Grant Alt. School for students, and then the parents of Lakeview and Grant this evening.

Thank You to both Principals for facilitating this day.

St Edmund Campion, Brampton

February 19, 2016

Two sessions at St Edmund Campion to Grade 11/12 students today.

I will let the student comment below reflect my day.  Thank You for asking  me to return in December 2016!


St Vincent de Paul

February 18, 2016

In Mississauga today at St Vincent de Paul.

Highlight of the day?  Parents attended the student sessions, and then returned with friends for the parent session!

Thank You for inviting me to your community

Orchard Park, Oakville

February 17, 2016

Three years later.. and I returned to Orachard Park in Oakville today.

Thank You to the Principal for bringing me back, and the VP who facilitated the whole day for me.

Brookmill PS @TDSB

February 16, 2016

I had the pleasure of speaking to the students/parents at Brookmill today, because a teacher at another school in the Toronto District School Board heard me (twice), and his own children to hear it (at Brookmill)!

Thank You!

St Stephen, Brampton

February 11, 2016

So much to say about this Principal – she has seen me twice at her previous school, once at her son’s school, and today she invited me to speak at her new school, St Stephen.

Honoured to share my message with your students & parents.  Thank You!



February 10, 2016

I returned to As-Sadiq 15 months after my first visit due to “parent demand”.

Great to return – and the students were right into it.
Excellent job in bringing out more parents this year!
Thank You.