Four Schools – One Principal / Thank You!

“I have had the opportunity to have Paul speak to students at four different schools since 2012 and each time he has left a very strong impression with all members of our community – students, parents and staff.  Following the presentation, students are overheard discussing the presentation with each other and parents often report back about the conversations and discussions their children have started when they return home from school.  The staff reflect on the messages with their students by continuing the conversation back in their classrooms. The evening presentation provides parents an opportunity to reflect on social media in their homes and Paul provides strategies to keep kids safe.  The feedback from parents is extremely positive as they leave equipped with new understandings and tools.  As a principal, and as a parent, I always learn something new from Paul.  Thank you for providing this important message in a clear and effective manner that evokes conversation between students, teachers, and parents.”   Kristina Worth, Principal – Valley Way Public School  DSBN