Paul’s Focus has always been with Schools (Grade School / High School), speaking to both students, parents, and educators.  From his adult-only presentation, he has been requested to speak with businesses (and Law Enforcement) also, and has created a presentation targeted to corporate responsibility.


The Social Networking Safety Presentation for Corporations focuses on the responsibility of the employee as it relates to their activities online.  Although accounts such as Facebook and others are created on a personal level (outside of work) – their conduct online must be placed at the forefront of responsibility.

The focus of the 60min presentation is to help employee’s (along with the employer) understand the risks associated with Online Social Networking.

It’s an attitude adjustment that once digested, allows for a safer and more secure experience online, with little risk to the employee and their future.

All consultations are at No Charge.


Presentation:  Avoid The Hack – Personal and Business!

60min Presentation + Q&A!