Matthews Hall – London Ontario

September 28, 2016

From Stratford this morning to London Ontario this afternoon and a visit to Matthews Hall.

Two excellent student sessions, and an engaged parent audience this evening.  What a wonderful community.

Highlight of the day… Six intermediate students hanging out for 10min after the assembly to ask questions…

paul davis social media

City of Stratford

September 28, 2016

My morning starts off speaking with staff at the City of Stratford, for a Breakfast and Learn.

EVERYONE was prepared to take notes (written and typed).  A productive 80min with great Q.A.


Netivot HaTorah

September 27, 2016

13 months ago, the Principal from Netivot HaTorah, attended one of my presentations to have me vetted!

And 13 months later, I delivered my presentation to her the student body and parents.

Thanks for a great day at your school.

St.Martin Catholic School

September 26, 2016

This week starts off in Smithville at St.Martin Catholic School – great to see a Principal who saw me 5yrs ago at his previous school.  Your students were excellent.   Great parent audience tonight also!  Thank You

Calgary Stampede

September 23, 2016

My second stop was at the Calgary Stampede Band-Camp.  Over 150 parents and youth coming together on a Friday night to hear my message on social media and online safety.

This was my second visit in two years.  Thanks for asking me back!

Ecole Airdrie

September 23, 2016

My Friday started off returning to Ecole Airdrie.  Wonderful to return and welcomed back by so many students and staff!

“Great to have you back in our school!  Your talk last year provoked more dialogue between students and parents and more positive feedback to our school than any other event!  Thanks!”  Cathy Ziegler    Principal EAMS

St. Elizabeth Seton, Calgary

September 22, 2016

An honour to return today to St. Elizabeth Seton.  Three years with back to back to back presentations.

Thanks to a Principal who believes in the strong message to students and parents.

I look forward to returning.

Almadina Charter Academy, Calgary

September 21, 2016

Two years after my first visit – I returned to Almadina Language Charter Academy.

The Grade 6s (who were Grade 4s when they last saw me)  impressed me with what they remembered, and did once they left my last session.  A real reward for me… it was TWO years ago!!

Thanks for having me back to speak with the students and parents.

paul davis social media

Ernest Morrow, Calgary

September 20, 2016

Two students sessions at Ernest Morrow this morning followed by their parents this evening.

Have to admit – The Grade 8 and 9s were very focused for 60min.  Great to see the intensity in their eyes.

Thank You

Holy Trinity Academy, Okotoks

September 19, 2016

800 Senior High School Students packed a Church from Holy Trinity Academy, and spent 70min taking in my message on social media, and online safety.  Phones were OFF, and eyes were focused.

An excellent audience that reflects excellent leadership at the school.

Thank You


Side Note – Today I reached my 300,000th student in North America.  Feels Great!