Posts From October 2012

Bridlewood Community ES

October 17, 2012

Thank You to the staff and students for a great day at Bridlewood.  Great questions from both groups of students today.  A comment from a Grade 6 student to myself and the Vice Principal is one that will stay with me forever.. and that I will share every day I speak.  It added to one of the many reasons why I love speaking to students and parents.

CTV Morning News

October 16, 2012

Thank You to CTV Morning News for an excellent segment this morning.

Corpus Christi CES

October 15, 2012

Great to return to Corpus Christi today – a great feeling when students remember you, and they remembered what was presented during the last school year about online safety.  The feedback from parents this evening was excellent.  Good support from the parent community.  Thank You for having me return!

Fort Erie PS

October 11, 2012

Double duty today – off to Fort Erie for a parent technology evening.  Excellent evening.  Thank You to Fort Erie PS for allowing me to speak to your school

York University

October 11, 2012

Thank You York University / Founders College!  Great to have the opportunity to speak today, and look forward to returning!

St Matthew CES

October 10, 2012

Thank You to the St Matthew staff and students.  Tons of great questions from your students.  Grade 7/8 had endless questions – and that is a great sign.  Parents had just as many questions!  Good group tonight!

Hudson College

October 9, 2012

Great Day at Hudson College!  Thank You to the staff and students for inviting me to speak today.  Great feedback from the parents who attended this evening.  I will return soon to address the students that missed today’s session


OCTOBER 4, 2012

After CTV it was off to Mountain View to a wonderful reception by two very large groups.  Thank You to the school for their hard work in promoting the parent event, and for all of those who attended.  Your feedback was tremendous.  I look forward to returning back in January.

CTV Morning News

October 4, 2012

An early start to the day to be on-air with the great crew at CTV Morning News.  Link will be posted soon.