Posts From November 2013

Holy Trinity C.E.S.

November 14, 2013

Wonderful day in Guelph, and at Holy Trinity (I also got to visit an awesome “Wings” restaurant in town!).  Great student audiences, and excellent parent support this evening.  I appreciate the opportunity to have spoken with your community tonight.  Thank You!

Victoria Harbour ES

November 13, 2013

In beautiful Victoria Harbour today, at Victoria Harbour Elementary School.  Only the words of the Vice Principal can accurately reflect how positive the day was.. and those words will be quoted shortly!  Thank You for having me speak with your community, and to have the local Ontario Provincial Police attend my parent session!

Monsignor Castex, SMCDSB

November 12, 2013

Thank You Monsignor Castex for allowing me to speak to your students this morning.  Your parents who joined us at St Theresa left some very positive feedback from the day and evening.  Your grade 5 student who offered to be a team leader in helping her peers was a true inspiration!

St Theresa Catholic H.S., SMCDSB

November 12, 2013

St Theresa in Midland – Thank You for inviting me back this year! A great session with your students this afternoon.  I appreciate facilitating the parent session for your school and Monsignor Castex this evening.

St Catharines Community Presentation

November 7, 2013

After speaking with students today, I took a different directive and spoke to families this evening.  Thank You to Grapeview Church for allowing me to use your venue to speak with your community of families tonight.  A well attended session for parents and students, who took MANY notes over 90+min of information.

GrapeView School DSBN

November 7, 2013

Thank You Grapeview for allowing me to return and speak with your students today!  Was the message effective?? I will reply by an email from a  mother, within hours of her son arriving home:

“I heard from both of my children today that the presentation went very well. As I type this my son is adding a password to his iPod an my daughter told me today that a boy in her class is going to go home and clear his iPod of the “bad games” and is not going to play call of duty any more.  I love that you have such an impact on these children you present to!!!” – Mother, Grapeview DSBN

Niagara District School Board PIC

November 6, 2013

I am honoured to have been asked to speak at your Parent Involvement Committee function this evening.  Three “sold out” sessions and over 90 parents.  It was a great way to share a portion of my message with parents involved with their child’s school.

St Bruno, TCDSB

November 5, 2013

Thank You to the St Bruno community today for allowing me to speak with their students and parents.  One of the smallest groups I have spoken to in the past 3.5yrs, which made it feel like a large class versus a traditional gym with 200 – 400 students.  Thanks to the parents who attended this evening and their wonderful feedback.

” It was truly a pleasure having you out last night at our school.  The presentation session was very informative and eye opening.  We wish you all the best, we hope we can set up another session in the future.” Parent Council, St Bruno

Mineola PS, Peel

November 4, 2013

Great day at Mineola PS.  Wonderful students – whom took home the message, and parents told me tonight exactly what they wanted to change!  Parent council were excellent in getting a solid turnout this evening, and stayed with me for a whole two hours (sorry we went into overtime).  Thank You!