Posts From March 2014

Sacred Heart HS & Notre Dame ES

March 18, 2014

The day started off with three presentations at Sacred Heart in Walkerton (day two) and then this evening at Notre Dame ES in Owen Sound.  Four great presentations in both cities today.

“This should be an Evening College Course for parents” – Mother, Sacred Heart

Bruce Grey Catholic School Board

March 17, 2014

After a great March Break with family, I have a unique three days ahead of me, at schools in the Bruce Grey Catholic School Board.  Today it starts off at Sacred Heart in Walkerton.  Multiple schools today and parents tonight – great audiences for all three presentations.

Foundation for the Future Academy

March 6, 2013

What an awesome day at the North and South Campuses today of FFAC.  Four presentations over two locations.  Excellent students (attentive and respectful), and lots of good questions.  This evening we had a very good turnout from parents of both locations in the North Campus.  Thank You to those teachers who attended to learn even more!  It was really a great way to end off my 11days in Calgary.

Langevin School, CBE

March 5, 2014

Thank You to Langevin School and community for allowing me to speak to the students and parents today.  In the Grade 7/8/9 session, I had the pleasure of meeting three Officers from Calgary Police, who took in the session.  This evening a 12yr old girl from the school “made sure” her mother attended the evening session – and then introduced me to mom..  very rewarding.

Valley Creek, CBE

March 4, 2014

Outstanding parent audience this evening at Valley Creek.  And another of Calgary’s Finest in attendance.  Two very good sessions with the students today started with the Grade 4/5/6 session in the morning and the Grade 7/8/9 in the afternoon.  Endless questions from both groups.  Thank You for inviting me back in January 2015!

Masters Academy

March 3, 2014

Two excellent student presentations today, and one of which was attended by Calgary’s Finest (Calgary Police).  This evening, your parent turnout and support was amazing!  In-Tune and engaged parents.  Thank You to the Officer who attended again this evening, and for your support!  Before I left, the Principal asked “So, when should we have you back?”  That question contributes to the day being a success!

Westmount Charter

February 28, 2014

Timbits in hand, I returned this afternoon to meet with 20 students (one month since I first visited Westmount).  Reason: They just wanted to ask  more questions.  They left their school dance to spend 50min with me in an informal Q&A.  I will be happy to return again next school year when back in Calgary.

Senator Patrick Burns, CBE

February 28, 2014

This morning I returned to Senator Patrick Burns.  What a GREAT welcome back from the students (and thanks to the parents who attended during the day).  Just over a year since my fist visit – and my largest parent turnout to-date.  Two great audiences today.