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Bishop Pinkham

September 16, 2015

After leaving Elboya, I presented to 700+ students at Bishop Pinkham today.  It’s been 2.5 years since I first presented there, and the students were excellent yet once again.

Thank You for allowing me to return and address your students and staff.


Elboya Elementary / Jr High, Calgary

September 16, 2015

First stop today was at Elboya.  Two fast-paced presentations to students and staff.

This evening I returned to speak to the parents from Elboya and Bishop Pinkham.

Parents came in  buzzing with what I did during my Grade 7/8/9 presentation to a student’s iphone (which I can’t communicate digitally)

So the stage was set for a great evening.  Awesome attendance tonight!

St Margaret, Calgary

September 15, 2015

One year ago this week, I visited St Margaret.  The parents and Principal asked me to return – and it is indeed an honour to have done so.  It was an excellent reception by students who remembered key points from last year (and had to tell me about it!)

Thanks to the parents who attended tonight’s presentation from last year, and those who saw me for the first time.


Arbour Lake, Calgary

September 14, 2015

I returned today to speak with the students/parents at Arbour Lake in Calgary.

900 students over two presentations, and a parents assembly that required bringing in extra chairs!

Great to be back in Calgary!

Thank You!

Century Private School, Richmond Hill

September 11, 2015

Thank You to Century Private School for inviting me to speak with their students today.

I look forward to my return when we reach out to the parents.

St Agnes of Assisi, @ycdsb

September 10, 2015

I returned to St Agnes of Assisi today!  GREAT to be remembered by the students over two awesome sessions.

The parents session? We had to bring in extra chairs.  A full 90min+ Q&A.

Thank You for having me back to speak with your community

TV Interview

September 9, 2015

Great to meet Erica Ehm today, who interviewed me on a segment for Internet Safety.

Erica has a loyal following of 50,000 moms on Facebook.  She is THE mommy blogger!

paul davis etica ehm

Back to Educating!

September 8, 2015

From Ontario to Alberta and back – the School Year kicks off Thursday!

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